Stormy Weather

You know things aren’t wonderful when I wake up extra early in the morning and can’t go back to sleep. Maintaining sleep is one of my greatest talents. But our school district’s budget was voted down last night–not just voted down, but, like, trampled upon–and now who knows what schools are going to close or which teachers are going to be laid off. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Of course, it’s tough to whine and complain about anything school-related when you’ve so recently watched videos of elementary schools smashed into smithereens. But since yesterday morning, when I biked to the high school and saw a bunch of plastic-wrapped “Vote No” flyers that had been tossed onto people’s driveway like old potato chip bags, I’ve been alternating between white-hot rage and despair and trying not to think about it. And I do feel like, if there were any justice, people who had actually gone to budget meetings and written to their legislators and their school board would get extra votes. Because anyone who thought that budget was decided lightly clearly hasn’t been paying attention. And I didn’t even love the budget, but I rarely do. Okay. I’m going to try to stop moaning about that.

I was also fretting this morning because we’d installed some tiles in the new bathroom that were just bad, which means that we’ll have to yank them off and order something else. That’s a delay. We ended up going to shop for Tile at 8 am before Cute W headed off to work. We picked something nicer. At least, I hope it’s nicer, because the drywall’s already going to be angry with us.

M’s been fighting off a cough that makes her sound like she has tuberculosis. Luckily it looks like they’re going to have to call tonight’s soccer game. I think she could use the rest.

The good news is that my neighbor Mary is improving. She could still use any good-health karma that you can throw her way.

Yikes! Anybody else’s lawn flooding? I think I’m going to go down and murmur encouragement to my sump pump.


  1. jo anne

    great news about Mary….think of the school issues she has lived through! also, nisky voters elected 2 new school board members. hopefully, these people will bring some creativity and new ideas to help the school district.

  2. @jo anne, yes, so glad to have Mary back where she belongs! I would have preferred to keep Dave over Debbie for incumbent, but oh, well.

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