Shrek, The Altamont Fair, Cirkopolis, And More This Weekend

It is way. too. cold. We want to go to the pool. And you just know that as soon as the pool closes and school starts, we’ll have a heat wave, and all the kids will be sweating at their desks. We’re going to see bunches of family on Saturday, and besides that we have not too much planned. J’s room is all turquoise, complete with a re-vamped ceiling fan and pictures hung to her specifications. The only thing we’re missing are the doors-Cute W’s still laboring over them. I’m going to try to enjoy a couple of days of serenity around the house before we start all over again and tear M’s room apart.

Here’s this week’s KidsOutAndAbout newsletter. Here’s my review of Cirque Éloize’s Cirkopolis at Proctors Theater. Remember, you can get a free kid’s ticket with a paid adult with the coupon code BIGMAC.

Multiple Days:

Friday, August 16th:

Saturday, August 17th:

Sunday, August 18th:


  1. Claire

    Next week it’s supposed to get back up into the high 80s, so it looks like you’ll get your wish (and I will try my best to sit on my hands in order to avoid posting a whiny comment about how my house feels like an attic!).

  2. Claire

    Very true, Katie! Normally I would feel spoiled by how cool my house has been the past 4 weeks (very unusual for this time of year), but unfortunately it’s hard to feel spoiled when battling bats. I hope that some day my house is both cool and bat free. (Our bat exclusion is scheduled for Thursday, so maybe then I’ll get my wish.)

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