J’s Birthday Eve

It’s J’s birthday eve–she’ll be 9 tomorrow. We’ve already kicked off the celebration because she’ll be at gymnastics all through dinnertime on her birthday, so tonight was her by-request dinner (Mrs. Seals’ chicken). She asked for brownies as her school treat, and I’m a little bummed about it, because I usually make Ghiradelli Double Chocolate … [Read more…]

Name Game

Let me tell you about my children’s names. Or, not exactly. When I started this blog I was squeamish about having our identity out there, so I only gave my family members’ initials, and I never included current pictures of the girls’ faces. It’s gotten to be a little bit silly at this point, since … [Read more…]

The Divine Miss M

Last night was Back to School Night for the middle school. M loves middle school. She is delighted to go each morning. Even better, she is unbelievably motivated about homework and studying right now, which is wonderful, because in the past she’s been rather blasé about grades. She did pretty well with minimal effort and … [Read more…]

Once Again I’m Behind on All the Trends

First, I was on WNYT’s  Newschannel 13 Live at Noon yesterday, and you can watch it here. You might have to scroll down a bit to “Fun Fall Activities.” I haven’t watched it, but I do remember that I spoke very, very quickly. I think if I watched I’d just focus on what I didn’t … [Read more…]

Gorgeous, Busy Day!

Wonder what we do on a Friday night? Well, last night, we each spent some time trying to move a dried apricot from our forehead into our mouth just by changing our facial expressions. Today was busy. M headed to a rec soccer game while J went to gymnastics. Then we all picked J up … [Read more…]

Another Lazy Links Night

I’ve let all these links pile up again, so it’s quite possible they’re all old news to you by now. But in case you missed them. . . No Fate But What We Make has a collection of some of the most fabulous treehouses you’ll ever see. Gawker.com has this super-unbelievably fabulous woman singing ‘Total … [Read more…]

Embracing Fall

The KidsOutAndAbout site is officially embracing fall, so I thought I would, too.  I’ve got my Fall Activities page available again on the right. When the weather first begins to get cooler at the end of summer, my kids’ natural tendency is to go into hibernation mode. So it takes a bit of extra effort … [Read more…]

The Girls Lately

The girls are playing with friends–J’s down the street, and although it’s getting past dark and I should call her in, I can’t quite bear to do it, since tomorrow night will be a (sniff!) school night, so it’s really her last summer evening. M’s been gallivanting all day with several friends. So I thought … [Read more…]