The other day, J asked me to do something that appalled me. And impressed me. And grossed me out. I’ll give you a hint. . .


“Oh, no!” you might be thinking.

Oh, yes.

Here’s  the other end of the string:


This was all J’s idea. I wouldn’t do this to a child unless the child begged. She begged. And it’s even crazier because I remember that when I was little, if anyone wiggled their tooth around my dad, he’d immediately threatened to tie a string from tooth to doorknob and slam it and we’d shriek and cower or flee. The whole idea sounded terrifying to me.

I encountered J struggling to get the string tied onto her tooth by herself. I managed to tie it. Then she wanted my help with the doorknob, too. “Really?” I asked. Really, she said. I tied it, and then she stood at the ready. “Really?” I asked again. “Are you sure that you want me to slam it?”

Yes, yes, yes. She really, really did.

I shut my eyes and slammed the door.

She shrieked.

In triumph.

The tooth had flown free.

It’s always been the Tooth Fairy’s policy at our house to leave a single golden dollar. While we were visiting her cousins a few weeks ago, Anna mentioned that she’d just lost a tooth, and J asked what the tooth fairy had left her. “Five dollars,” said Anna. J turned and looked at me significantly, opening her eyes wide with a huge life-is-so-unfair look. Indeed, life is unfair. Even after making her tooth sail across the room through a dramatic act of will and suffering through the disappointment of getting nothing the first morning because the tooth fairy is  clearly incompetent, J still only got one golden dollar.


  1. Way to go J for getting your tooth out! I will admit that I cringed with her technique, but it was a great physics lesson. Could she talk to my oldest please? NHL has a pre-molar that just surprised us the other day. We had no clue it was coming in until a bracket on his braces was pushed off by the newly emerging tooth (not even out of the gum). I now have upped the bounty on that tooth to $50. Crazy, but it will cost me more to have the dentist remove it. Oh and I just heard about a Tooth Fairy in the DC area that gives $5. Ours gave a special gift to NHL for his first tooth and 1-2 gold dollars. My little guy is just gearing up for his first one in a few months.

  2. Christine

    I can handle nearly anything, EXCEPT a loose tooth! Weebs me out BIG TIME! I’ve already warned my Darling D that when our Sweet M reaches loose tooth stage that HE is on duty! LOL

  3. @Christine, oh, and no doubt she’ll want to show you just how far she can move it, and you’re going to pretend like you’re really impressed.

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