Welcome to My Train Wreck

Tomorrow’s J’s birthday party, and the cake thing wasn’t going so well today.


It was supposed to be a triple-layer cake, but after I’d successfully pulled removed one layer from the pan, the second wasn’t going to well. I panicked and left the third one to cool more, and J tried to do it herself. Oh, well.

Of course the bright side is that I could take a picture and share my failure to all of you, which prompted Cute W to say that I should have a special section of my blog called Welcome to My Train Wreck, for all those times I share things like my bedbug freakout, our car trip from hell, or the garage door incident. Because I’m here to make you feel better about yourselves.

I salvaged the cake, sort of. There’s very little that an overabundance of chocolate frosting can’t solve. I made a two-layer cake with the biggest pieces, then dumped a bunch of crumbling sections into a bowl and slathered them with frosting. So the good news is we had yummy dessert tonight.

After that, I spent an inordinate amount of time checking off information and transferring email addresses to send an electronic version of the PTO student directory to a bunch of parents from middle school Then just when I thought I was done, I realized that I’d sent the email without the freakin’ attachment. D’oh! I hate that.

On the bright side, a couple of checks showed up for an article I wrote a while back and had basically forgotten about. It’s Ten Ways to Enjoy Autumn Outside, in case you’re looking for ways to, you know, enjoy autumn outside.

And look at my pretty, pretty new desk! Accented with my pretty, pretty faux Tiffany lamp! Both hand-me-downs from Big Sister. Since I took this picture it’s already gotten messy again. Also, my cat seems to be hell-bent on destroying the lamp–she’s really enjoying the extra space for stretching out.





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