Painting J’s Room

Years ago we painted J’s room a deep, deep turquoise because that’s what she wanted, even after we gently advised her that it was awfully dark. Honestly, I think that she had second thoughts pretty quickly, but it took a long time for her to actually say, yes, she wishes she’d chosen a lighter color for her room. It was a pretty color in small doses, but for years, hanging out in her room felt a bit like being in an aquarium. I couldn’t find a handy picture of the whole room looking tidy and lovely, but here’s a little snippet of how it looked:


When she finally started talking about repainting, I said we’d be happy to do it.  But then she’d tidy up her room in preparation for a big paint job, and suddenly she’d be so pleased with how clean and organized it looked that she couldn’t bear to empty it out and throw a tarp over everything.

This weekend we finally got to the job. Hooray! Here’s J repainting that same corner:

First we coated with primer, and the difference was huge. J came running into my room and reported that when she walked into her room it was so bright that she felt a little bit blinded. I reminded her that of course the white would be brighter than the new blue she’d chosen. “Well, that’s good, because I don’t actually want to feel blinded by light in my room.” Excellent point.

The room is still all torn apart, of course, but I’m excited for her to have a lovely, brighter room again. I’m also excited to move all the junk that’s currently all over our hallway and master bedroom back into her lovely, brighter room.


  1. Big Sister

    Oh, and I just realized the new shade is about the same one as I have had on my toe nails for the last few weeks. It makes me happy just looking down and wiggling them! I hope the color does the same for J when she is in her sky blue room.

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