Busy Days

After my last post in which I was fretting about the world in general, someone suggested wine and someone else suggested pizza. As it happened, I complied with both rather quickly, so of course I had to document it:

As it happened, this followed more the letter of the recommendations rather than the spirit of the recommendations. First, it was supposed to be relaxing take-out pizza, but this was the homemade pizza I’d already planned, so not super-relaxing. And then, I believe the point of the glass of wine was that I was supposed to sit and relax and drink it slowly, but instead I pretty much slurped down the pizza and wine because at that point I was starving, but I still had more on my to-do list–I’d been volunteering at a Back-to-School function for PTO, so I didn’t get to dinner ’til 9 pm, but then it was Wednesday night, which is when I tend to work late on KidsOutAndAbout newsletters, so I had to jump back on the computer instead of relax. Incidentally, a group of my friends all go to a Trivia Night on Wednesdays, so I end up getting pings on my phone with people discussing the fun that they’ll be having without me while I work. That’s a little sad.

In spite of the pizza and wine, I could not refrain from a little bit of Facebook interaction after some of the kids at our high school knelt for the national anthem and one of my friends, a lovely fellow PTO volunteer, was unhappy about it. I think it was all pretty cordial, though.

What else is going on? Well, the kids are working hard. Here’s J leaving for school with her double backpack, packed with school books and binders as well as volleyball gear. M carries around two backpacks each day, too.

On Friday I tutored my lovely ESL students as usual, and when I headed outside to my car, they rolled up in their van packed with relatives and lured me over before pressing a big plastic bag filled with warm, freshly-cooked Afghan food for me. Oh, my gosh, they are SO sweet!

Of course, this makes me feel like I should prepare something delicious for them as well, but what? Something easily transportable, Muslim-friendly, delicious, and somehow culturally representative? I am stumped, and I’m seeing them again tomorrow and I’m just resigned to not giving them any food right away.

J turned 13 today, and it was a bit of a stressful day, but I’ll explain that in my next post.

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