End of Soccer Season

I missed the best parts of M’s last soccer game of the school season. It was a busy day all day, really. Cute W stayed home from work so that we could have a date for my “birthday eve.” A month or so ago we bought a pair of season tickets for the Broadway series at Proctors. That’s mostly because we wanted to ensure we got dibs on Hamilton tickets next season when the show comes around. But meanwhile we get to see plenty of shows, and on Thursday it was The Color Purple. The show was excellent, with amazing singing, although Cute W and I were debating why no one sat in all those chairs at the end. . . any thoughts, fellow theater-goers? Anyway, before the show we had a lunch date, and after the show we literally jogged out of the theater to make it to the game on time.

We’d left my car at the field before our lunch-and-theater date, stocked with the orange slices it was our turn to provide and a platter of veggies for the players’ dinner afterward. That’s because I’d committed to going to my WGGS board meeting. In retrospect, I wish I hadn’t. They only have quarterly meetings, and I’m secretary, so it feels like a bare minimum to show up four times per year, so I figured I’d skip the game. At the time I’d thought it wouldn’t be such a huge loss: many of the games had been so mismatched that it was a little depressing to watch, plus who knew how chilly it might be on a late afternoon in mid-October? But no. . . . the weather was gorgeous, a perfect soccer-watching day. When I dropped off the oranges, M’s coach teased me that the girls reviewed the quality of each batch of oranges, so the pressure was on. I said I was nervous, and she reassured me that so far all of the oranges had been good. “Oh, so what you’re saying is hopefully I won’t screw up the streak. . . of great oranges?” I joked, because the girls had been undefeated so far, and we were going into that last game.

Later I worried that I’d jinxed them, because the other team scored first. Then we managed to tie it up, but it was a nail-biter of a game. Sigh. A close game on a gorgeous day, and I had to leave to go to my meeting! Ugh.

Cute W texted me updates throughout the meeting, including this one, “I hate to tell you this but your daughter just scored to put us up ahead 3 to 2.” Dammit! He really did hate to tell me, because M generally plays defense from the very back, which means that she doesn’t have much opportunity to score a goal, ever. She’s scored 3 goals all season and Cute W and/or I keep missing them. It had gotten to be a joke, with me telling M, “No scoring goals unless your Mommy is here to see it.” I was so mad. But of course that makes a fun game for her, I guess. Her team scored one more time, which meant they were undefeated for the season.

We are really glad to be done with school ball. Now, a couple of weeks to chill, and then it’s on to club soccer with GPS! I’m really hoping that M likes it.

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