Free Concerts, Theater, and Activities this Week

I dropped by GE’s Kids Day in downtown Albany today before rushing home to watch soccer (No. I don’t want to discuss it.), and it was a delightful event. Seriously, if you’ve ever gone to the Tulip Festival and thought, gosh, this would be more fun if there weren’t All of These Freakin’ People, then … [Read more…]

More Summer Fun, Baby!

We’re gearing up for M’s birthday tomorrow. We used to always store wrapped presents on top of this huge cabinet that housed our tv, but since we upgraded the tv, the cabinet’s gone. Today I realized that I could store presents on top of our built-in china cabinet. I wrapped and piled them there, where … [Read more…]

This Weekend

Phew! M took a sudden turn for the perky somewhere between dinner and bedtime last night. She woke up feeling fabulous, so thanks for all the healthy karma! Plenty of places have opened their strawberry fields for picking. Here’s my post on Berry Picking from last year if you’re interested. And here’s what else is … [Read more…]

This Week

I almost called yesterday’s post “Festival Fever,” because as we drove home from the Greek Fest, J wasn’t feeling great. And by the time we arrived, she clearly had a fever. But I kept that information to myself, and do you know why? Because today was J’s big-deal recital rehearsal, and I was planning to … [Read more…]

First Weekend in June

I’m finding it hard to believe that I’m on the same page of the calendar of the last day of school. I’m not entirely prepared, really. We’ve got an ice cream social at school, plus a big rehearsal for J’s dance recital. Here’s what I’ve found for this weekend: All Weekend: At the Ghent Playhouse, … [Read more…]

First Week in June

We all so deserved the unbelievably good weather today. I hope that you were able to spend it outside. We had a mostly-relaxing day that involved slip-and-sliding for the kids and sangria for me. Excellent. And the delightful thing about a three-day weekend, as Cute W always points out, is that it’s followed by a … [Read more…]

Memorial Day Weekend

Okay, without being too obnoxious about it, does anyone think that we’d do well to–I don’t know–consolidate some of these freakin’ parades? I mean, there are a ton of parades. And I missed a couple that were tonight. And now suddenly it’s hot! Hooray! I know some people hate the crazy switch from chilly to … [Read more…]

Last Week in May

I was too exhausted by the extravaganza that is Niska-Day to post last night. Seriously: a parade, a birthday party, a carnival, a pig roast, and fireworks. Almost entirely fun. Except when M pushed J in one of those big plastic Flinstones-styles cars and J put her toes down and got the tops of her … [Read more…]

This Weekend

Did you get outside for some of those precious hours of sunshine today? We let the girls stay up a bit too late, and then when they did come in, they were filthy. I had to set up a foot-washing station at the kitchen sink before sending them upstairs to brush teeth. In fact, they … [Read more…]