Outside the Comfort Zone

This morning I was visiting Mary, and she gave me an early birthday present. One thing that drives her crazy is that I’m always wearing dainty little earrings. She’d like me to branch out. I’m like her project. So over the years she’s been focusing on accessories. And they’ve been growing. Ttoday she prefaced her … [Read more…]

Not Stellar at Our House

We started the day with a wardrobe issue. J was dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts, and I insisted that she at least take along some long pants. I was afraid that they wouldn’t let her out at recess. Also, that someone would call CPS regarding her lack of clothing. She … [Read more…]


The snow sure is pretty though, isn’t it? I spent quite a bit of time shoveling the driveway. Except for losing this time to other, more satisfying tasks, I don’t really mind clearing the driveway. Scraping away chunks of snow has that same sort of satisfaction one might get from more personal grooming endeavors. Plus … [Read more…]

More Shopping!?!

I know what you’re thinking!  Katie’s not a shopper!  And she’s cheap!  She’s always saying that!  And, yes, it’s true.  But by chance I’ve stumbled on two more shopping destinations, so I’m doing one more post.  And then, I’m done.  No really:  I’m serious.  So if you have a store to tell me about, I … [Read more…]

Hail Mary, Full of Grace!

I love our neighborhood.  It’s not just that we can walk to schools and businesses or that the trees stretch over the streets to make those beautiful dappled-green tunnels in the summertime.  Although, you know, that’s all awesome.   It’s our freakishly wonderful neighbors. Would you believe that in the last month each of my next-door … [Read more…]