Outside the Comfort Zone

This morning I was visiting Mary, and she gave me an early birthday present. One thing that drives her crazy is that I’m always wearing dainty little earrings. She’d like me to branch out. I’m like her project. So over the years she’s been focusing on accessories. And they’ve been growing. Ttoday she prefaced her earring presentation by assuring me that she’d kept the receipt and I could absolutely return them. But I put them on and as we chatted she declared that she thought I really should keep them. They’re absolutely the biggest earrings I’ve ever had.


I would never have picked them for myself, but since Mary felt so strongly about it that I told her that I’d wear them all day. It was fun, too. It kind of felt like wearing a costume all day, like I was playing the part of someone who honestly felt like she could pull off these bad boys. No, if they have a gender, they’re definitely girls.

Speaking of which, I’ve been wearing some make-up. I know, right. You know that’s not normal for me. But I wore some make up last time I was on tv. Because every time I do it, whoever’s chatting with me is wearing tons of dramatic make-up, so I feel like I need to put on a little make-up purely as, like, self-defense. Plus I feel like lately I’ve been rather tragically bag-eyed. Anyway, I had on make-up that day and I got a bunch of compliments. So, we’ll see how long it lasts. I think that my children are a little weirded out.

Later this morning I tried out a new exercise class at the Schenectady JCC–half an hour of medicine ball/cardio, then half an hour of pilates. It was good, plus it turned out that I knew people in the class. So, yay. I’m resolving to get back to more classes because when I work out at home, I cheat. I’m really much better at not cheating when I’m surrounded by other people. Shame is an excellent motivator for me.

And just randomly, here’s a 50% off Living Social for Plum Dandy Cookies & Milk. You’re welcome.

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