Merry Christmas

The girls and their cousins put a bunch of greenery, cranberries, and candles into their grandma’s white elephant vase for a centerpiece. Pretty cute. We’re good. Kids are loving the weather and playing outside a bunch. I ordered a bunch of gifts for M through Wanelo, which is a social app that the younguns are … [Read more…]

Joyful, Joyful

It was an excellent weekend. On Friday, J had her first gymnastics meet of the season. Ugh, watching a gymnastics meet can be stressful. The meets take literally hours (about five, on Friday), with only, oh, about five minutes of actually watching your child doing something. And those five minutes, my heart’s in my throat. … [Read more…]

Candy Cane Wreath

When my very-thoughtful sister arrived for a visit, she brought along the directions and all the supplies that I’d need for a very adorable candy cane wreath. I was a bit intimidated, because the instructions came from Martha Stewart, and I’ve found that her projects and recipes are sometimes on the challenging side (with the … [Read more…]

New Fun Games

Once we realized that we were going to be hosting family for Thanksgiving, Cute W and I swung into action. I went out and bought a bunch of wine and two matching table cloths so that I could turn my two mismatched tables into a single banquet table. Cute W ordered two new games. Then … [Read more…]


I finally made it to Ayelada, the new frozen yogurt place on Route 7 between Niskayuna and Latham. I’d been hearing rave reviews from friends. As expected, it’s yummy. I’d heard that it tastes more yogurt-y than your average frozen yogurt, and that’s absolutely true. All of the flavors I tried (I may have abused … [Read more…]

Sending the Elf Packing

Just so we’re clear, I pretty much hate that stupid Elf on a Shelf. I know that there are parents who love making unbelievably creative little elf scenes, and God bless ’em. It’s not their fault that posting pictures of their own Parenting Splendor makes me feel crappy about myself. I get it: that’s my … [Read more…]

Going With the Holiday Flow

One of the latest viral photos is a pretty dang adorable one that I just shared on the KidsOutAndAbout Facebook page: Holy cow, that’s cute. According to the article, the dad couldn’t manage to keep the baby awake while waiting in line for Santa, so he asked to go ahead and take a sleeping shot. … [Read more…]

Switching Holiday Gears, Fast

Happy December! After overcoming early setbacks, we ended up hosting a pretty great Thanksgiving, if I do say so myself. The first family arrived on Wednesday, and I dropped off the last guest late Saturday, so we turned it into a pagan festival, and we were pretty exhausted by the end, but it was all … [Read more…]