We are pretty much obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack right now. I know, I know: we’re late to the party. All the cool people are off playing Pokémon Go. Not us. And, no. We haven’t seen the musical. In fact, before I became obsessed with the soundtrack, I met up with a friend who had … [Read more…]

Sleepaway Camp, Again

J is away at another sleep-away camp, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Camp Pack Forest, and she almost was not permitted to stay there due to my Epic Parenting Fail. I’ll explain. This week of summer camp was coordinated with a few friends. The plan was that the girls would feel a … [Read more…]


Recently our family of four was together when an old friend stopped by. Reunions with old friends can be awkward. Sometimes, after a long absence, you wonder if what knit you together long ago is still there. You wonder if you’ve outgrown each other. If you’re lucky, seeing an old friend feels like the most … [Read more…]

Umm, That’s Stupid

I was running errands the other day when I found myself confronted by multiple examples of abject stupidity. Some of them involved poor driving. But two of them were on display for me to document and share with you. First, in the post office parking lot:   That’s right, it’s a grate in the pavement … [Read more…]

And All’s Right With the World

My girlies are home! I won’t lie: the Serenity Time was lovely. Cute W and I dated and rode our bikes and took walks, we got tons of things done, and time flew. But on Friday, when it was time to pick up J from Smirkus Camp, I was pretty much  beside myself with anxiety. … [Read more…]