Track Meets!

So, like I’ve said, M’s doing track now. It turns out, she’s really pretty good at it. She’s had two meets so far, and it’s a learning curve for her (and us), but it’s going well. The nice thing about a track meet is that even if you’re brand-new to the sport, it’s pretty obvious … [Read more…]

Call me!

The girls and I have been having some communication issues lately. It’s entirely phone-related and therefore generational. So, first, we had a mild shoes crisis. M had to dress “professionally” for a school activity. Actually, that’s kind of a story in itself, because she’s doing this Youth Court thing. Basically, if young people in the … [Read more…]

New Gadgets

I still haven’t caught up from Thanksgiving. Hosting is great because it forces me to tidy and declutter. It also serves as an excuse to make random household acquisitions. Like Cute W’s favorite new kitchen item: this OXO fat separator. I have no idea why this makes his life so much easier because I pretty much … [Read more…]

Careful Consideration

Oh, man, these girls are good. The other day I came home and both J and M were hunched at a computer screen. Turns out that J was applying for a special STEM field trip for 7th grade girls. This was funny because a few years back, M went on this field trip, but she … [Read more…]

Credit Where It’s Due

J was named a “Super Student” at school. At her middle school, they name several kids as “Super Students” for each quarter. But they also don’t repeat this honor during the year. So it effectively becomes this sliding scale, right? The “Super Students” for 1st quarter are the super-fantastic, nerd-tastic elite super students. Then for … [Read more…]

Holiday Abundance

First, if you haven’t seen my list of 101 Ideas for Holiday Family Fun in the Capital District, you totally should take a look, because it’s an excellent resource, if I do say so myself. And also it is way more than 101 items. Really. You can count ’em. We are going to go get … [Read more…]