Denver & Boulder

We’ve visited Colorado (which you’ve heard, of course, because Cute W’s family is from there), but we haven’t spent time in Denver since the girls were born. This summer we spent a couple of days of our vacation exploring. One thing we noticed right away? There was a ton of non-automobile vehicular traffic. Scooters everywhere. … [Read more…]


Wow, y’all. It’s hot. We are actually doing better than expected, because we are now the owners of two shiny new air conditioning units. In our old, old house, we’ve got no central air conditioning, and we’ve been surviving with two air conditioning units downstairs: one in our living room, and one in the room … [Read more…]

Juggling Camps

I’ll get back to a little more Colorado talk, but meanwhile, here on the home front, we’ve been busy. You might remember that after arriving home late on Friday before last, I drove M and a friend to SUNY Geneseo for a Soccer ID camp. That ended on Wednesday, and thanks to the glory of … [Read more…]

We Went Hiking

When we decided to visit Colorado to visit extended family, Cute W set to work looking for a good hike for just our little family of four to do on our own one day. He was remembering the big, ambitious hike he and J completed in Colorado years ago, which culminated in a visit to … [Read more…]

Summer Begins

When I talked about going to the Mad Dog soccer tournament, I should have shared this picture that I took there. This is the very cute Gavin Splash Park in Wilton. If you live nearby you’re likely a regular, but if you’re a bit farther and want to visit someplace beyond your “home” pool, this … [Read more…]

Why, hello.

Did you miss me? My site wasn’t feeling well. It is not clear to me if it was hacked or if my internet hosts disabled stuff that looked hackalicious or hack-adjacent or . . . what. It happened about two weeks ago, but first I was trying very hard to fix it myself and failing, … [Read more…]