Laundry Helpers

‘Tis the season for TONS OF LAUNDRY at our house. There’s so much clothes: going-to-school outfits, sports practice stuff, hang-dry-only game day jerseys, homecoming formal wear, and everything in between. So here are some items that help us with all of it. Okay, my big, crazy revelation these days? These laundry balls. This was totally … [Read more…]

More on Our Sweet Guest

This weekend was stressful. On Friday Cute W arrived home, hoarse and exhausted from his business meeting. We had been talking all week about how I was Deeply In Love with our little kitty, and we were fully prepared to cave in and keep her. I just hadn’t talked to the girls about it yet … [Read more…]

Unexpected House Guest

Last weekend we were all at home when suddenly there was a tumult. M had seen a little kitten in our garden, looking up at our cat, Ruth, in the window. By the time I arrived this alleged kitten was gone, but the girls were on High Alert. Not much later, they spotted her again. … [Read more…]

Starting School

What can I tell y’all? It’s just been a little nutty at our house. Recently Cute W said something about one of the girls being particularly cranky, and the truth is, they are always pretty cranky for the first couple of weeks of school. We all are. It’s exhausting. Waking up early makes everyone feel … [Read more…]

Walking to School

I’ve got a Bee in My Bonnet again about walking to school. That’s because I heard that my kids’ former elementary school is actively discouraging families from letting their kids walk to school, even among those who live a block or two away. Here’s a quote from a letter parents received about beginning-of-school-year logistics: “Traffic … [Read more…]