Happy Book Surprises

After a pandemic hiatus, I am thrilled to plan a trip back to the Savannah Book Festival. I am a teensy bit nervous, and I might choose which authors to watch based on the sparsest and most well-ventilated venues. However, I love that they’re requiring vaccinations and/or negative tests and masks. And because I am … [Read more…]


It feels like every post lately is a variation on me whining about the pandemic and frankly, that’s tiresome. So here’s a post I meant to write over the summer that I’m finally getting around to sharing. We have become an e-biking family. Really, Cute W is a Massive E-Bike Enthusiast, but to varying degrees, … [Read more…]

I’m Feeling 2022

Happy new year! I hope that you enjoyed your New Year’s Eve. At midnight I was already tucked into bed, watching funny Betty White clips on my phone while Cute W slept next to me. We’d had long-established plans to travel for Christmas, and I’d felt pretty terrified that we were all going to catch … [Read more…]