Cutest Garage on the Block

I realized that I never shared our garage painting project here. Well, I mentioned Part 1, which was when the girls transformed the rather grim grey cinderblocks with blocks of color, a nice way to perk up the mostly-depressing Summer of 2020.

At that time, I’d said that I’d love for the girls to do the huge side of the garage that faced our lawn, but they were worried about their artistic abilities, plus we had full-grown vines and a family of birds in the birdhouse for the season. The next summer, they decided to continue the project.

First, there was trimming the weeds and vines that would grow up the wall, then power washing the cinderblocks.

Then it was time for a coat of primer, and J sketched some ideas with chalk.

They decided on a base coat of lovely sky blue.

J started to add some basic flower shapes.

Then she filled out the big flowers and added some stems and grass.

It is super-cute. I think that it may technically be a work in progress, because some of the stems (like the ones on the right), have little chalk sketches of flowers, as if these were going to be painted, and there was talk of bees or butterflies or clouds at some point. But then Summer of 2021 ended, and last summer was pretty busy. Even if they never get around to doing any more, it’s still so very much cuter than when it was grey cinderblock. It makes me happy every time I look at it.


  1. Nana in Savannah

    It sure makes me smile! The photos are great and it must make you happy every time you take your car out of the garage. xoxo

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