All The Sports

Years ago, I talked about how parenting is suspenseful. You don’t know which interests your kids are going to stick with and which they’ll cast aside, which things they’ll find inspiring and which things they’ll find boring, whether the firm declarations they make on one day will still be true the next day, never mind … [Read more…]

Cooking Tips

Here’s a helpful tip: timers only work when you set them. If, instead of setting a timer, you just leave the kitchen and sit down at your desk and start working on the computer while waiting to be prompted by the sound of a timer going off, it’s very likely that you will work too … [Read more…]

And One Last Story

First of all, would you believe that on the very same day that I wrote the last post in which I basically implied that my daughter was not D-I material, she got her first recruitment letter from a D-I coach? Which, even if you’re not interested in that particular college and program, is still a … [Read more…]

College Visits

One of many (many, many) things I haven’t written about is that M and I went on some college visits over the summer.  M pretty much has no idea where she wants to go to college or what she wants to do as a grown-up, and her utter lack of clarity on any of it … [Read more…]

Remember Me?

It’s my birthday. I am 48. I believe that means that now I can describe myself accurately as “pushing 50,” but it feels like with so many attractive and bad ass women out there (movie stars, politicians, sisters. . .) who have moved beyond 50, that phrase has sort of lost its teeth. I meant … [Read more…]


It’s been forever, mostly because we’ve been overwhelmed by the back-to-school rush and a huge home improvement project. Our home improvement project is that we are repainting the kitchen and all of the kitchen cabinets. It is kind of nuts. Here’s the deal: when we bought this house, there were many, many, many things about … [Read more…]

Target for Back to School

We went to Target recently for a school supply shopping trip. I should say, really, for our first school supply shopping trip. Now that M is in high school, we don’t get a supply list ahead of time for her. Instead, she’ll find out what the teachers want her to buy on her first day … [Read more…]

Rebound Cat

First, the excellent news. Not only did M make varsity soccer, as expected, but J made the JV volleyball team, which was a big surprise. She was super, super excited. Both girls have their first scrimmages this Wednesday and approximately a million practices before then. You probably remember that we lost our beloved cat at … [Read more…]

‘Tis the Season

I’m not talking about the “most wonderful time of the year,” back-to-school.  We’re not quite there yet. Nope, for the last few years, the drama and stress start well ahead the first day of school, with school sports try outs! Whoop, whoop! This can include terrifying near misses, like when we think we screwed up … [Read more…]