Links for You

I’ve been collecting links to share. And I’m too lazy to write. So, here’s what I’ve got: I thought that saying I’m an organ donor on my driver’s license was enough, but apparently it’s not. So here’s a form for New Yorkers to fill out to register as organ donors. I thought that this video, … [Read more…]

December Break Ending Already?

Although I talk a good game, offering all sorts of ideas for having fun throughout the week, we’ve been slobs at our house. There’s been pajama wearing past noon, lots of reading Harry Potter, constructing Star Wars Legos, and general slobbing about. Yesterday I took the girls to Barnes & Noble, where they managed to … [Read more…]

Festivities Continue

We spent Christmas morning and early afternoon at our house, then journeyed up to Vermont, where many members of my family and snow awaited us for merry-making. Christmas dinner is traditional with my family, with potato leek soup to start, steak with a sauce that takes 2 days to prepare, and my beloved broccoli-stuffed tomatoes. … [Read more…]

Laurie Berkner Giveaway Winner

  The winner of the Laurie Berkner Band Giveaway has been emailed. Our winner Sara entered on both Capital District Fun (comment #28) and on which absolutely helped, since it was the KOA entry that won the random drawing. As always, thanks to everyone who took the time to comment. I appreciate hearing from … [Read more…]