New Year’s Toast

As, in, I’m toast.  We’ve hosted 12 different relatives, eaten through 4 or 5 batches of magic cookie bars, and been school-free for over a week now.   I was on the phone with my mom yesterday trying to help her Priceline some hotel reservations from her car during their marathon trip back home.  This is a shocking lack of planning for her.  Turns out, my parents had woken up at 4:30 am and just got in the car–without coffee or food–and started driving as if they were fleeing the holidays themselves.  I understand the sentiment, man.  Monday cannot come soon enough.

I’ve surrendered to the holiday chaos.  My living room is littered with Fairy Superstruct pieces and my children are approaching their third hour of an  iCarly marathon and frankly, I just don’t have the energy to intervene.  I  need to purge the house of lingering chocolate and find places for all of those irritating stocking stuffers that Santa thought were such a freakin’ good idea.  And it doesn’t help that my children actually want to play with all of the new crafty stuff–I mean, what was I thinking when I got the Spin Art and a ginormous value pack of Play-doh?  And how about this snowfall pattern?  It’s never quite enough for a decent snowman or sledding or our favorite, snow ice cream.  But it’s just enough to get all of the boots/snowpants/mittens wet and sloppy enough so that they’re scattered on every radiator in the house.

I need some vegetables and some exercise and a routine, stat.  How about you guys?  Is anyone coping better than me?

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  1. Jersey Girl

    Katie, love the blog!
    I’m coping okay and high-fiving myself for passing on the spin-art, this year. Today, we tried to integrate our new action figures with our old action figures and then took a very long walk to the next town over. We came upon a very large, multi-generational soccer game. The oldest player appeared to be in his late 50’s and the youngest, around 4. The team in white had about 21 players and the team in red had about 11. The score was 38-3 (I think white was prevailing). I am not sure who they were – I think it might have been the Brits (in red) against the Yanks. A young lady in white blocked an older blokes kick and beamed with joy (I winced for her). At any rate, they were kicking in the New Year and I was a little jealous and wished I played soccer. As I passed our community center, I briefly pondered taking up karate since our town has a FREE karate club…clearly I am wrestling with the annual urge to engage in activity more physical than running up and down the stairs and running to and from the train.

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