My New Cute Cards

I’ve been going to places like Panera and Joyful Jumpers and seeing all of these people walking around with toddlers who could really use some Capital District Fun.  It’s making me a little nutty, yet approaching them feels at least intimidating and possibly freakish.  So I made some little cards to put on bulletin boards.  I don’t love all of the color choices–still a work in progress–but they’re pretty cute.  Look:

Okay, yes, this picture quality is poor & amateurish, but you get the idea.  The girl is little J, and I used this picture because:

  • 1) she’s a cutey-patootie,
  • 2) it’s from the back, so it’s anonymous, and it’s outdated enough that this particular little girl is no longer available even if you’re a creepy stalker, and
  • 3) she’s actually having fun in the Capital District! It was something festive on Jay Street in Schenectady. . . not sure what, but it was at the end of May and we were all very sweaty.

Here–it’s easier to see this photo to appreciate point #1.  Yes, her head looks a little raggedy, but I am just starting to learn how to do Photoshop in between learning how to do WordPress.  I’ve decided that I’m going to be proud of myself for the smidgen I’ve learned and try to be patient with all the stuff I haven’t figured out yet.  And I know what you’re thinking–she doesn’t look sweaty here.  You also can’t see that she’s in a lumpy pull-up.  That’s the beauty of a swirly sundress.

I am a little bit concerned that M will notice and decide that these cards are evidence that I love J more. I actually had another cute one, of M shooting a basketball while wearing a tutu, if you can believe that.  But it was too tall for the card, and the tutu was a washed-out ballet pink.  My husband briefly suggested that I put out a whole variety, and then the general public could collect them all!! I thought that perhaps he was overestimating just how adorable everyone else thinks we are.  Although, come to think of it, people have been known to buy pet rocks and those troll dolls with the crazy hair. . . .

Well, anyway, now I can just stick these cards on bulletin boards instead of trying to strike up awkward conversations (“Let me tell you about me and my new project!”) with mothers as they struggle to get everyone’s shoes on or open juice boxes or whatever.


  1. Sarah

    LOVE the cards, and the idea, and the fact you did them yourself and the website…I hope I get to see you putting them up sometime then I can congratulate you in person, you’ve done an amazing job and have such a cutie daughter as well 🙂

  2. HollowSquirrel

    Yes, you’ll need a variety of card designs, including ones featuring adorable boys. If you need any models, I can think of two offhand. 😉

  3. Michelle

    I don’t think you should be shy about promoting your site at all! In fact, truly, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited that I am that you gave me one of these cards! I think you underestimate the usefulness of what you’re providing, and how welcome this particular type of solicitation is – especially to frazzled moms fighting with shoes and juice boxes. They’re very much your target audience, and even if they don’t have time to discuss what you’re offering at that particular moment, I’m sure they will check it out after the kiddos are in bed (like I did!) and be oh-so-glad that they tucked that cute card into their pocket (between the doctor’s office sticker, bandaid, and extra tissues).
    Hand ’em out with pride! The site is GREAT – not a silly pet project, but a REALLY well done site FULL of great info.

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