Friday was just one of those days for me. It started with the morning bike ride, which turned out to be too cold.  Also, how discouraging do you think it is that my 5-year-old questions my ability to find her nursery school? I have a tremendously poor sense of direction (which, if you’ve read the Back Story, you already know).  My daughters, on the other hand, thankfully appear to have inherited their father’s sense of direction.  Which is so miraculous that I believe that you could put a blindfold on him, spin him around, pop him into the trunk of your car, drive in circles, and then take him out, and he would, you know, look up into the sky at high noon, maybe sniff the wind, and cheerfully head for home.  Not that I want you to attempt this.  I’m just saying, I have a great deal of confidence in him.  But now I’m off track.  I was going to say that when I took an unexpected left, J said, “Mommy?  Are you sure that this is the right way?”  and I tried to explain, calmly, that I was going a different route to avoid biking through the busy intersection, but my calm was spoiled, a bit, because my shoelace had come loose and wrapped itself around the bike pedal and I was desperately trying to casually fix this without 1) falling, because of course that’s bad, and 2) stopping, because we were late.  Naturally.

So that was the beginning of the day, which also included me dropping a knife full of peanut butter on the floor and stepping on miscellaneous disgusting debris on my kitchen floor even though I was washing the entire room down on my hands and knees just two days ago.  I also  accidentally dropped my Brita pitcher, cracking it.  It appeared that the crack was merely on the handle, and I was in a hurry, so I refilled it and popped it into the refrigerator, where the entire pitcher slowly leaked out all over the inside of  my fridge, which I didn’t even have a chance to fully mop up because I was running around, getting ready to go away overnight.

But enough moaning.  I am headed down to New Jersey, where we’re gathering at my sister’s to congratulate my nephew on managing to keep himself alive through a tour in Iraq.  Yay.

Conveniently for me, a couple of folks emailed stuff that might be of interest to you, so here’s some Random Stuff for Grown Ups:

  • Did you know that the Thacher Nature Center does a Native Plants Sale?  There’s a sale at the Nature Center on Saturday, June 26th, but you can pre-order specific plants and get them earlier if you’d like.  They’ve sent out an order form via their email list, but I bet you could call them to get a copy.  Pre-orders must be received by April 6th.    The nature center folks also asked that anyone interested in the Saturday Planetarium Adventure (mentioned in my last post) please call them asap, because if they don’t hear from enough people, it could be cancelled.
  • The Language Learning Institute is having a French Immersion Weekend on March 26th & 27th.  It’s designed for the “Advanced Beginner” and beyond and costs $125.
  • Nacre Dance is offering a Master Class on Sunday, March 14th from 2-3 pm.  It’s $15 and it’s designed for intermediate/advanced dancers.  Personally, I can’t imagine too many other things more intimidating than a single master dance class among strangers, but, by golly, if you’ve got the guts, I salute you!

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