Springtime Sports

How about this gorgeous day?  J is tidying up the playhouse outside, and I organized the garage and finally got around to fertilizing our garden, after removing about 37 itsy-bitsy Maple trees.

One of our friends reminded me of a fun activity–taking in a baseball or softball game.  Of course, you could trek out to Boston or New York for a major league game sometime this summer, but a smaller scale can be a lot more fun for kids & less expensive for you.  You get to be really close to the action and maybe even interact with the players.   The schedule for our local minor league team, The Tri-City Valleycats, won’t start until June, but the college students have to get in their schedule by the end of the school year, so they’re in full swing right now.  And, woo-hoo!  All of these games are FREE!

Union College Baseball Schedule These games are at Central Park, making it an even better destination for the kiddies.  And, look!  There are games this Saturday at 1 pm and Sunday at noon.  The games are at the C Diamond, which is up the hill on the other side of the lake from the playgrounds (closer to McClellan).

Union College Softball Schedule I gotta plug the women, too, of course.  They’re almost through with the season, but they have games coming up after school this Thursday and Tuesday.  They play on campus.  If you enter via Union Ave., the field is adjacent to the football field.

RPI Baseball Schedule If you’re east of me, check out RPI.  They’ve got a game on Saturday at noon and next Wednesday after school.  The field is at 17th Street & Eagle, right behind Samaritan Hospital’s ER (hmmm, convenient!).

Siena College Baseball Schedule They don’t get as much glory as the basketball team; why not go see them for one of their three games this weekend?  I tried calling the athletics office for details and to confirm that games are free, but I haven’t heard from them yet.

Siena College Softball Schedule They’ve got two games this Saturday, at 1 & 3 pm.

And, in honor of this post, I’ve added a new section to the Big Ol’ List of Links called Spectator Sports.  Really, I usually add at least a few new links a week, so if you haven’t checked it out recently, it’s worth another look.  And if there’s something that you think I should add or a link that’s not working, please let me know.

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