I spent quite a bit of time today trying to figure out how to do various technical things, and ummmm. . . . no time writing.  But here’s a little bit of information to tide you over until the weekend post.  First, I’ve been trying to do more Friday evening events in the week ahead post so that you can plan even if I’m slow to posts, so just as a reminder, here are a few:

  • Go on a Snipe Hunt at 7 pm at Five Rivers.
  • At 7 pm, Clinton’s Ditch: the Saga of the Erie Canal will be shown at Steamer 10 Theatre.  It’s part of their Kids’ Fare series, and it continues on Saturday.
  • It’s Troy Night Out.

It appears that we’re going to have a super-fabulous weather weekend, which is particularly awesome because most of the big farmers’ markets are moving outside!! Yay!  Troy Waterfront Farmers Market,   Schenectady Greenmarket, and Saratoga Farmers’ Market are all outdoors this weekend.  My local market, Schenectady, will have a rock climbing wall set up for the occasion.  But I will be too busy freaking out over the $2 Bag Sale at the Schenectady Public Library.  That’s right–this weekend is the Semi-Annual Book Sale–another one of my very favorite occasions.  Last year I arrived unprepared, and you should have seen me trying to navigate through the tables carrying armloads of fresh produce and a stack of books.  It was remarkably heavy and unwieldy, but my euphoria gave me super-strength.  This time I’m bringing some serious bags.  Bring.  it. on.

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