Just Some Random Links

I’m feeling uninspired, writing-wise, so I’m going to slack off by sharing some links.

First, because OK Go is headlining at Tulip Fest, I remembered their super-cool Rube Goldberg-inspired video.  Didja ever see it?

And in preparation for Mother’s Day I was looking for my Favorite Anna Quindlen Essay Ever.  And while I was looking, I found this one:  The Good Enough Mother.  I particularly appreciated it because, as I was reading it, I looked out the window and noticed that M was pushing J around on a hand truck.  I frequently say that “she’s around here somewhere.”

And finally, NPR shares a Mother’s Mix of songs that you can live stream from their site.

Anyone think I should start doing the weekend listings on Thursday instead of Friday?  Or just earlier Friday?  Or do you procrastinate, like I do, and make your more random weekend plans sometime after breakfast on Saturday?


  1. Jahnavi

    Would greatly appreciate early friday or Late Thursday 🙂 Thank you for your wonderful work! Happy Mothers day!

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