Seriously, you guys?

Is it ever going to stop raining?  Because I’m just so done with it.  I was looking at the many, many events that got completely washed out today.  For ourselves, we engaged in  delightful activities:

Disassembling the food processor for sport. This was W’s idea:  he comes from a family of handy people, and apparently one way that you learn how things work is by actually looking at the different pieces and how they interact with each other.  Huh. M stood there with her eyeballs rolled waaay up into the back of her head, but J was quite engaged.  And, yes, some irreplaceable element had broken last week.  So I was glad to finally get it off the counter.

J and I spent some kitchen time together. She thought it would be a good idea to combine the pink, turquoise, and yellow play-dohs, while I thought it would be a good idea to toss together quinoa, cashews, and chopped broccoli.  Sadly, our results were not nearly as delightful as we’d expected when we began our projects.   So much for creative vision.

Play Doh flower. Because it's too rainy to pick them.

Shopping for today’s birthday party for M’s friend. Because I am a procrastinator.  And then, we carpooled, and in the middle of the party the host called to warn me that when I came to pick up the three children for which I was responsible, they’d all be soaking wet.  And, you know:  sorry.   And I responded, “Three?!?” Because I was only aware of two, and with my cute husband away, this would require some youngster to ride shotgun in our smallish car.  Plus, I’d have to navigate to another unknown house.  So, I spent about ten minutes processing this, and then I had to call back because it occurred to me that perhaps their phone call had been a passive-aggressive attempt to get me to bring dry clothes right this minute?  And that all of the other parents cared more about their children and had sped over to bring dry clothes and warming blankets immediately?  Because, otherwise, it seemed sort of silly to give me an hour of lead time.  Although, come to think of it, I pretty much used it.  After Googlemapping, rearranging boosters, and laying out towels, I arrived at the party to learn that the third child was going home with grandma and my two charges were just a little damp to the touch.  I was profoundly relieved and J was brutally disappointed when we learned that she would not be airbag bait in the front seat.

And then, finally, I snapped. But quietly at least.  You have to understand that, with nursery school over, I’ve lost about six seven quality hours of me time throughout the week.  And my cute husband was gone on Wednesday & Thursday night.  And then he was at a friend’s house watching the World Cup today, and I knew that tomorrow he’d be gone all morning.  So late this afternoon, shortly after J had stalked me into my room one time too many, and at about the same time that both girls were literally climbing all over my body, I decided that I’d go out to dinner.  Alone.   So I left the house, purchased a glossy magazine, and read it while eating Thai food and drinking a beer.  When I arrived home in time to kiss the girls goodnight, M said, “Nobody just eats dinner for that long!!”  But actually, I do.


  1. Michelle

    You should’ve called! I would absolutely have joined in on the Thai food and a couple of hours away from my own two darling girls (who were also using my body as a jungle gym!).
    Hope you enjoyed your Mommy time! I’m hoping to get out for a bit tomorrow and get a (much needed!) haircut – sans children. (Incidentally, I’m totally open to suggestions about where to go. I’m basically going to be choosing a place at random and hoping for the best!)

  2. HollowSquirrel

    I did that for lunch today…but I had a book and no beer. Hope they give you a little space! 🙂 Good luck next week, my friend. If you want to play, lemme know!

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