The Tour de Habitat, a bike race in the Capital District coming up on Saturday, September 26th to benefit Habitat for Humanity, has a 10-mile, fairly flat option to encourage novices and families to participate.  They ask that you raise $100 per person or $100 per family with young children in order to participate.  There’s more information on the TU’s Bike Blog.

Anyway, this reminded me that I’ve been meaning to post about all sorts of local bike stuff.

Local Bike Blogs:

Local Biking Organizations:

More Local Bike Fun:

Way back when I gushed about my deep and abiding love for the Trail-gator, Mari asked for a photo.  I think that I didn’t post one because I couldn’t find one that was even remotely flattering.  Apparently in the past few months I’ve become increasingly shameless.  So, here it is:

Completely off-topic:   just a little while ago, J was bringing in her brand-new-from-the-dentist toothbrush in from the car.  I was standing in the doorway and I had to yell out a halt when it appeared that she was going to rub the car’s exterior with the bristles as she walked by.   I reminded her that this would be dirty and gross and she gave me this look that read:  duh, Mom, I absolutely know that.  Well, sure she did.  And yet, she is my daughter.  As a child, I once pulled a long string of gum out of my mouth and wrapped it around my head.  Another time, I was pretending that I was filming a shampoo commercial in the shower.   I pretended like I had a special tool to sweep all of those suds off of my hair :  my big sister’s razor.  I only caught on when I saw the hair drifting toward the drain.  So, yeah:  if I have to play Captain Obvious for my daughter’s own protection, I’ll do it.


  1. Mari

    Great photo. Must have been the other Mari who requested it. (This could be like a wierd Stephen King novel…) Anyway, so so glad to see you wearing a helmet too-I was just thinking yesterday how much I hate to see adults riding around without helmets with their children. What kind of message is that??!

  2. I started riding a bike again as a grown-up in Brooklyn, so of course I wanted a helmet. And then I had a scary fall which scared me into wearing a helmet always. That bike fall is actually, a good story, come to think of it. . . .

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