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In J’s class there’s a case of head lice, and she came home itching.  I went and got some kill-the-bugs shampoo. We kept reassuring her that this was “just in case”, or, as W likes to call it, a “prophylactic measure”.  Every time he said it I’d start to giggle because it sounds dirty.  Am I a 12-year-old boy or what?

I’d gotten J to strip down for the treatment, but the shampoo was surprisingly inoffensive.  Once I put it in her hair (it stays there for a few minutes pre-shampoo), it gave her some fabulous body.  So it was funny:  she was all “nakey” with wild hair, dancing and flaunting like a model.  Anyway, I put something about lice in my Facebook status (because I’m shameless) and various friends have been sharing advice. And they’re just being helpful, but really?  Reading the advice just makes me want to curl up into the fetal position.

And all of this grooming was going on while we were listening to the gubernatorial debate.  Dude, I’m so glad that they let everybody participate.  I mean, it seriously upped the entertainment value, am I right?  And yet, it was sort of like the lice wash:  entertaining,  interesting poses, a few giggles.  But deep down, it just feels dirty.

Oh, also, Fin is hiding quietly. Which, according to Google, is not a good sign.  I changed the water up, but who knows.  I fear a reprise of the Ant Farm Debacle.  I’ve said before that two kids and a cat pretty much takes me to my personal limit.  But, truly,  I’m trying.

And I just figured out (she slid it into the class newsletter, about two paragraphs after I stopped paying attention the first time) that J’s teacher is pregnant, due in April.  Couldn’t she wait and have a life after J gets through this crucial first year?  Ack.

But, how ’bout this cute scary Halloween craft by J?  I thought that it was such a good idea to draw with white chalk on black construction paper.  This is left over from a previous year at nursery school, but it was so fun that it’s in my annual decoration box.  I’m feeling really nostalgic about nursery school right now. . . .


  1. Lisa

    I just have to tell you that I do love your blog—-am a fan on Facebook and read it regularly. Joking or not, though—the comment about J’s teacher is just wrong. I am a 1st grade teacher in a suburban district and it disgusts me how many parents make comments about teachers taking time to go on maternity leave. We are women who deserve to have a family just as you did when you started yours. Again, joking or not—it is the teacher’s right to have a child whenever she would like to or is able to—-even if that does fall within the academic year.

  2. Greta

    If you are a regular reader of Katie’s blog, then you should be well aware of her sense of humor. It sounds like you are very sensitive about this subject–but don’t put that on Katie. That’s you issue, not hers!

    My son’s 1st grade teacher is pregnant with her first and is due in Feb. I am thrilled for her!!! I was a bit disappointed when I first heard because I heard so many great things about her and I wanted my son to experience that for the whole year. The disappointed went away almost immediately. But I’m sure she’d be glad to know that I was disappointed because of her awesome reputation!


  3. You’re totally right, Lisa. It’s just been a hard day. – – – -Actually, in fact, my little sister is a teacher on leave who is due any minute. Actually, overdue. Come on, little baby D!

  4. Sunny Savannah

    Love the art work. We still have a framed drawing of a nutcracker that your brother drew when in Kindergarten. It was always a part of decorating our home for Christmas.

  5. Greta

    I talked with a dear friend who is a teacher about the sensitivity teachers feel about maternity leave, etc. I totally get it, and I feel that Lisa has a right to feel how she feels–I guess directing that feeling toward someone who didn’t mean to be offensive is why I spoke up.

    I have this analogy: I have 3 sons and I am tired of and super sensitive to people making comments about how I am so deprived since I don’t have a daughter. It gets old. Very old. But, that said, I don’t take my sensitivity out on the person who thinks she is making an innocent comment. It might piss me off. It might make me want to scream. But, how would that person know that I am now into my 3rd year having to deal with people feeling sorry for me.

    I hope that makes sense.

  6. You know what’s weird, Greta? Nobody ever tells me that I’m deprived for not having a son! I wonder why that is? Do you think that everybody realizes that that’s inappropriate and sexist (especially since it’s usually women saying it)? Actually, if anything, I have people say that they’re jealous because I get to shop for flouncy, girly stuff. Which is so ironic, since I hate to shop, and my children are terribly opinionated on the fashion front. Actually, the only comments about having a son have been from the grandpas. . . . alas for them, I’m done.

    Anyway, I think there’s that problem, often, with statements like these–sometimes there’s a world of unknown angst behind what someone’s saying and another person’s hearing. . . . which is why just zipping it is often the best option. Alas, an option I often don’t choose!

    And Greta, with those cutey-patooties, I think you’re pretty dang lucky!

  7. Greta

    It is only women I hear these comments from, and mostly women who have daughters. It seems like, in our society, women feel that having a daughter is more special than having a son (and I am making a gross generalization here, I know). There are many preconceived notions on what a daughter will bring to one’s life vs. what a son will bring.

    I think I’m pretty dang lucky myself. I never went into motherhood wanting a specific gendered child to live up to my dreams–I would have been happy with combination! 🙂

    I often don’t choose the zipping option either–clearly.

  8. amy

    seems the lice bug is making the rounds. i’s class had an reported case the day before class photos, 3rd week in september no less!, and had to wear her hair up, which she hates! prior to the outbreak, which luckily didn’t last, our hair stylist had recommended buying a leave-in conditioner from bumble & bumble (has rosemary in it i think) for this very reason. i thought oh i can’t spend 20+$ on that, but now i wish i had just to feel proactive, although we were spared! i still think i should get it…anyway, try mentioning the word lice to my sister who you know and watch her squirm! i couldn’t even talk to her about to get her advice!!!!!

  9. J’s spray-in stuff smells like organic bug spray. I wonder if I brought this on myself–I was just at that moms’ group event and we were talking about how horrifying lice were. It’s like I threw a challenge out to The Universe.

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