Did I Mention that Control Tower has New Fries?

Yeah, they’re way better.

We’re mostly just recovering from our trip today.  We drove like crazy people and arrived home at midnight last night, so it’s been unpacking and grocery shopping and trying to make the whole house stop smelling like cat food.  Also, the ants in our ant farm are dying.  We are following Uncle Milton’s directions explicitly, but there are more dead than survivors–the entire upper right section is a graveyard (because the ants are tidy and competent).  Anyway, the whole thing’s filling me with dread.  Part of me wants to order more ants before every last one is gone and J goes into mourning, and part of me fears that to order these ants is to doom them.  Bummer, man.  So I’m just not up for anything super-informative, but I’ll be better tomorrow.

As long as I’m whining, have I mentioned how evil spammers toy with bloggers’ emotions. Long ago I was forced to switch to getting people to type in their email address in order to comment.  At the time it just broke my heart because I was so desperate for any indication that anyone was actually reading the blog, and of course registering makes people less likely to comment.

So, the next level of spammification is to register with an email and some fake comment about the blog so that the tragic, needy blogger will approve the comment and open the floodgates for you to send all sorts of information about bank accounts in Uganda or Viagra or whatever.  Anyway, one of the first comments I got like this was some sort of generic:  “Great post!  Thanks for all of the information!” and like a cute little Bambi in the woods I was all wide-eyed proud until I realized that it happened to be attached to one of those whiny posts I do every once in a while (you know:  like this one!)   Which was particularly ironic because almost all of my posts are filled with information.  I mean, it was like, hard to find one that wouldn’t make that comment seem relevant.  And then I realized that they were toying with me.  Anyway, I had to laugh about it just now, because I just got another spamalicious comment:

I have to say, every time I come to http://www.capitaldistrictfun.com there is another exciting post to read. A friend of mine was talking to me about this topic a couple weeks ago, so I think I’ll send my friend the link here and see what they say.

And this is in response to my Live Blogging the Drive post.  So I’m laughing bitterly, thinking, wow, were you just chatting with your friend about my daughter’s repeated vomiting?  Because it really is an exciting topic, isn’t it?*  They just irritate me so much!! I’m waiting for one of them to send me a comment that says:”You’re such a brilliant writer and a wonderful mother and you’ve just been sounding so much skinnier lately–even though our relationship is merely virtual, I can tell that you’re looking fabulous!”  And, you know, if I’m having a bad day, I might just choose to believe them.

*And, with that said, I promise not to mention it anymore again, either.


  1. omg you totally fooled me. I was ready to add this to the post, like, do you SEE what I have to put up with? I know Christine, you guys. She is mocking my pain.

  2. JoMarie

    re: Control Tower–Were the go-carts running? I’m hoping they are just a quiet hum and not loud, smelly, and annoying.

  3. I know that they’ve got them, but they weren’t going whenever I went. I know: I’m still bitter about the loss of grass.

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