Another Snow Day

Did everybody survive? My nutty children were outside playing in the snow by 6:20 am. It wasn’t even quite daybreak. They completely don’t understand the whole sleeping-in concept. Which is terrible, because it’s something that I really support and feel strongly about.

But they got along pretty well all day, with J even refusing a sledding-with-a-friend offer because she was enjoying her sister so much. If given the same choice, I’m pretty sure that M would’ve ditched J in a heartbeat, but lucky for us, that didn’t happen. Yes, I spent way too much time heating up Fun Fusion beads (at least it’s nice for the iron to get out once in a while, because otherwise it would surely perish from loneliness and lack of use).  TV wasn’t even mentioned until 3 pm, which I consider to be a personal parenting triumph.

Speaking of people who are unbelievably early, Cute W has finished our taxes. Every year he checks the mail for W-2s and other forms with the same giddy anticipation that my girls display when they know that a Brady Bunch DVD is at the top of our Netflix queue. I am exceptionally fortunate that he’s so excited about taxes, because all I have to do is read the stuff over and say excellent job, honey.

Besides that,  the day was uneventful but not bad. I shoveled (with my beloved Dakota Sno Blade) and snow-blew, worked out, got sucked into Andrew Sullivan’s blog for all his interesting Egypt updates, made a recipe that flopped, and shoveled and snow-blew some more. I’m really hoping that the snow isn’t bad tomorrow, because I need to make a grocery run.

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