February Break

Before it starts February break always seems like a long stretch, and now I already feel like it’s going to fly by. . . am I nutty, or does anyone else feel like that?

Today was sort of our “business” day, because we had two classes from our usual routine that were scheduled for the same day over break. We still managed to fit in 4 different books, several rounds of 3 different games, a  Moon Sand sculpting session, a screening of Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie, one errand, and a walk outside. Mysteriously, the girls also spent some time in self-motivated independent study: J slowly leafed through an animal encyclopedia and peppered me with questions like, which one is the predator, the whale or the squid? (the whale), while M pored over the super-cool Brainiest Insaniest Ultimate Puzzle Book.  I’m also pleased to report that although M beat me repeatedly again at the Uglydoll Card Game, she is no longer wiping the floor with me, and it’s possible that, with training, I may win a game someday.

I asked the girls about what they’d like to do most with their week o’ freedom, and the answers were ski, ice skate, and watch television. So my current plan is sledding/outdoor skating on Wednesday, skiing on Thursday, and indoor skiing on Friday. Fitting in tv is easy, although today I flubbed it. Usually I tell them that they can turn the tv on after they’ve tidied the playroom or put away their clean laundry or done something useful around the house. Today I was distracted and just waved them toward the tv when they asked, thus squandering my opportunity for cheerfully compliant household helpers. Ah, well. Tomorrow is another day, and all that crap in the playroom isn’t going anywhere.

At least, you know, not at this rate.


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