Circus Giveaway–Again!

I have to say, that giveaway was much more fun for me than I expected. I know, in theory, that people are out there reading, but actually hearing from people feels so much more personal. Many comments were funny and creative. . . it made me glad that I’d said I’d choose randomly, because if I’d had to decide, it would have been difficult! So I thank you all for participating.

Between us, we had about 6 clown- or trapeze-wannabes, ten people working with animals somehow (riding elephants was popular, but we not only had a lion tamer, but a lion). Two ringmasters, 2 commenters shooting out of cannons, someone to ride in the motorcycle cage, 3 acrobats, and someone to protest the circus. Plus many people who would just like to go, two very kind comments thanking me for the blog, and a bunch of people who assigned every member of their family a circus job.

One circus-goer reminds everyone that if you do go, you should get there early for the pre-show, because you get to go up-close with the animals. Someone also asked about the elephants on the streets, and I’m supposed to be getting an email with those details to pass along to you.

Anyway, after reading all the delightful comments, I plugged the total number into and the randomly-selected winner of the first Family 4-packs of tickets is . . . John, comment #32!


For the second circus giveaway,  another Family 4-pack of tickets for Opening Night at the Circus, which is Thursday, May 5th, at 7 pm, you need to work for an entry, but I’m giving you two possible ways to enter. And also your chances might be a bit better because fewer people will try. You can choose either, or, if you’re super-motivated, you can enter twice.

Entry #1: Go to the playground survey and fill out information about a playground that isn’t already on the playground list. Then, comment on this post to report which playground you’ve done so that no one duplicates efforts.

Entry #2: Share Capital District Fun on Facebook. To do this, go to the Capital District Fun page on Facebook, and if you’ll scroll down, you’ll see in the left-hand column that there’s the option to Share. Click Share and say something nice about the blog or me or whatever. You can share ever if you don’t already “like” Capital District Fun, although you do already have to be on Facebook.  Then comment on this post to report that you’ve shared.

If you choose to enter twice, I’d appreciate it if you’d comment twice, just because it’s easier for me.

These entries are due by Wednesday the 20th at 9 pm.


  1. Michelle

    I added a playground. I would have added it a while ago but thought it was already on there. : )

  2. Michelle

    shared on facebook too….but forgot to add that I did Rosendale Elementary playground in Niskayuna.

  3. Jen

    I did entry # 1 Jennifer Haight Palleschi on FB and entry #2 on Eunice O. Esposito Park in Rotterdam, NY (Formerly known as: Fort Hunter Park)

  4. Jen

    I did entry # 1 Jennifer Haight Palleschi on FB and entry #2 on Eunice O. Esposito Park in Rotterdam, NY


  5. amy

    i submitted two, one of which was already listed–buckingham pond, and one which was not : ) at least i don’t think so

  6. Yeah, Amy, sorry. You have to have a Facebook account to share it. That’s part of why I did both FB and the playground, so that if someone didn’t want to/couldn’t do one, they could at least do the other.

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