Circus Giveaway!

Those very kind people at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus have shared some tickets with me so that I can share them with you. Hooray!  I’m also excited because one of the things I tend to forget is the free events surrounding the whole circus brouhaha, like when the animals all parade from the train to the TU Center, or other stuff that, hello, I didn’t even realize that they did, like feeding the elephants outside and inviting the public to come watch. So this year I’ll be super-informed and will make sure you know when and where on things like that.

Of course I’m also excited because I  got free tickets for myself, too.  Sometimes people will offer me something, and it’s either not my style, or it’s not fun for families, or it’s just plain yucky. So it’s a rare occasion when I can accept something super- delightful  (like delicious baked goods) that I think many readers will want and enjoy. And as I’ve mentioned before ,we love the circus. In fact, when I sat down at the computer this morning, I was confused for a minute until I realized that M had added some editorial notes to my “to do” list.

Good handwriting, right? I know: she’s a prodigy.

Anyway, I also got a list of facts about this circus tour, like that there are 350 members of the tour, 130 of whom are performers, and they come from 15 different countries and speak 10 different languages. And that they’ve got a nursery, daycare, and school for the families that travel along. And that they’re wearing  3,168,000 rhinestones and sequins in the production. All of which kind of makes me want to join. Except, can you imagine if poor M got train sick, too? That’s no way to live. We’ll have to content ourselves with watching.

To enter to win a Family 4-packs of tickets for Opening Night, which is Thursday, May 5th, at 7 pm, comment once on this blog post by Sunday at 11 pm. You can say anything, but if you need an idea, tell me what your act would be if you ran off to join the circus. I’m going to choose one comment randomly , and I’ll let you know via email by 10 am on Monday if you’ve won. I’ve got a second set to give away, too, but I’m thinking about making people work a bit harder for that set, so stay tuned.  Meanwhile, if  you want to buy tickets because you never win anything, here’s the link. If you luck out, I’m sure that we can find someone to take them off your hands.



  1. Erin Dolacky

    I am so greatful for this website, I wouldn’t have known about half of these activities otherwise! Thanks so much!

  2. K. Shepherd

    Gee, I’d like to be a comedian, but suspect I’d simply make the poor audience cry. Do I really have to be an act? Couldn’t I serve in the background? Maybe create and sew the fabulous costumes? That would be my dream!

  3. Elizabeth

    Olivia (age 3) really wants to go to the circus, and there are exactly 4 of us in the family, so we would really love to win a Family 4-pack of tickets! I promise I will keep a tight grip on Olivia’s hand so she will not get a chance to try out the tightrope or the flying trapeze.

  4. Michelle Arthur

    Join the circus? Heck, we joke that we are a circus. My husband was one of four boys growing up on L.I. in the 1950s. My mother-in-law still keeps pinned to her kitchen photo board a postcard that my husband, son number three, found for her. It is a close up of an actual old circus cart painted with the name “Arthur Brothers Circus”. Talk about coincidences.

  5. Colleen

    What your act would you be if you ran off to join the circus? I would probably fit right in with the clowns. Plus, I just think making people laugh is such a wonderful gift to give.

    Also, I just recently discovered your blog and I love it!!! I didn’t know most of the information you have here or where to find the information. So, I thank you and my kids and husband thank you too.

  6. ErinC

    I would cover my kids feet in peanut butter and let my dog go crazy. The laughs alone would entertain most.

  7. Sharon

    When I was a child, my grandparents were Carnies..a bit different from the circus but traveling on the road and being the entertainment for a town for the weekend was amazing and hard work also. I have lost both of these amazing people who taught me sooo much. My 3 Grand daughters and their Mother have never experienced the circus and If I could give them a gift, it would be tickets to the circus to see the incredible feats and the animals and being all girls, they would love love the costumes on the female performers…yup, I would send them and then have them draw me pictures and write a story about their experience of being entertained by these travelers of entertainment…

  8. Korina

    If I were to join the circus I would be one of the girls that ride the elephants and horses and I would have to bring along my family. My step-daughter would be right beside me, and my fiance and step-son would be on the poop-scoop duties. Elephants go to the bathroom alot. LOL I hope I win, the kids would LOVE 2 go!!!

  9. Erin

    Something, anything with the animals… as long as it doesn’t involve a tiny costume. I guess I’m cleaning up after the elephants – which isn’t too different from my current day job. 🙂

  10. The people at Ringling are hardly kind. They have abused their animals for years. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. I’ll be at the protest. Please think again about supporting this.

  11. LaborDayMama

    Well I wouldn’t be good at any circus acts BUT I think my son would be the best acrobat/high-flying trapeze artist the circus has ever seen! He’s only 2 & a half but he manages to jump & climb on every piece of furniture in our home with no problem at all! Uh, maybe going isn’t such a good idea after all…..might give him more ideas & better technique. We’ll focus on the elephants & other acts instead. : )

  12. Rebecca

    I don’t know if I would have an act but our dog would be great jumping thru hoops and riding scooters!

  13. Lisa

    Well, you might know that my children will grow up to join the circus, so I consider circus tickets a must for their education ; )
    And as for an event – watch for them blasting out of the cannon!

  14. lauren

    Id find a way to incorporate my cute kids. Dress them up as little clowns or something. Have to show them off. My son would like to be “the workd’s smallest lion tamer”

  15. Cheri

    I would definitely love to do the flying trapeze! I can just picture my whole lovely family of 4 (the perfect number for this giveaway!) in the air screaming our heads off!!

  16. K. Anna

    Some kind of crazy aerobatic moves… I mean who wouldn’t love to walk on a high-wire? But realistically… I’d probably be qualified to pick up elephant poop.

  17. Cool giveaway! If I ran off with the circus (which I wouldn’t do) I would do a musical act. I play guitar, piano, sing, etc. so I’d do fun songs for kids! I would NOT be a singing clown though 🙂

  18. Tara

    I would love to go to this. It’s my daughter’s fourth birthday and we were at a loss as to something to do with her. This would be so exciting and perfect for her!

  19. amy

    circus,circus, circus!!!! any word on when the elephants will walk the streets? we’ve tried in past years, but have missed them!

  20. Nichole

    What a great idea! My daughter would do the flying trapeze, but I would definitely ride on top of the elephants–they are my favorite!

  21. Lisa

    Would love a chance at bringing my boys to the circus! And, if I were to run off with the circus, a flying trapeze artist is what I’d be—or would have been during my “cheerleading days.” Now, it’s more like a multi-tasking momma. 🙂

  22. Marysa

    I used to ride horses in high school, and I have “Water for Elephants” on the brain, so I’m going to say the equestrian act! Thanks 🙂

  23. Heather

    Well I think I would definately be a lion tamer! The toddler years prepared me perfectly for that!

  24. If we were to join the circus we would be a human totem pole act. My boys would love to climb up on top of us and then tumble down after. I think it would be more fun for them than us.

  25. Marie Conti

    We went a few years ago and the free pre-show events were great! Make sure you go early!

  26. Chris Ramo

    If I were to be in an act it would be on the high flying trapeze so all of my children could join in wth me. They have amazing energy and creativity and would help design something grand.

  27. Betty

    I love this site! Everytime I need an idea for some family fun, I come straight here. I even found the place to have my son’s birthday here 🙂 his birthday is this Monday and I know he would love to see the circus. He’s never been to the circus and neither has my husband! The only time I have was when I was my son’s age. I know this would be a memorable time for us if we won!

  28. Kate

    Ahhh…the circus, what a fun, family event! Being almost 9 months pregnant, I feel like an elephant. My confident, independent 3-year old, can turn me into a ferocious lion at times and a clown at others. Luckily, I have a supportive husband who can get me down from my tightrope-walking adventures of balancing life’s daily activities. I guess we all have a little circus “within” us…so for one evening, it would be nice to sit and enjoy the show instead of being the main attraction! 🙂

  29. Laurel

    Going to the circus would serve two purposes for me… 1. entertainment for the family. 2. it would allow my husband to reunite with his former friends from the clown college.

  30. Michelle

    My oldest daughter would be like the elephant that loses control at the circus and my youngest would be the miraculous trainer that calmed her back down and saved us all!

  31. Michelle

    Yay the Circus!! Thanks for doing this! I can definitely see myself riding elephants as I LOVE elephants. Maybe my hubby would do some motorcycle thing. My daughter would enjoy some sort of balancing thing…maybe the tightrope. And my son, I am guessing he would organize the show or be an announcer.

  32. Elaine Santiago

    Love the Circus!! I would love to be the ringmaster. Riding the elephants would be my dreams. My twins would be taking care of the tigers and my husband be the motorcycle expert. being at the circus makes all of my problems go away!!

  33. Bekki

    I’d like to think I’d be a trapeze artist…except I have zero gymnastic ability. A girl can dream, right???

  34. Marjorie

    My 4 year old son is terribly concerned that elephants will not like him. I want to take him to the circus to show him that circus elephants love all kids (hopefully)!

  35. Christina

    I would love to be a clown and see how many clowns can really squeeze into one of those tiny cars. Love this website- so helpful when we are bored and looking for things to do in the area.

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