All of us absolutely deserved a day like today after the cold yuck we’ve been enduring.

At our house, we had a great day of organizing and spring cleaning–the girls particularly enjoyed scrubbing down our playhouse.

There was some fertilizing and flower appreciation.

And Cute W. worked on making our contribution to tonight’s silent auction, wooden cardholders to go with our favorite card game, Sleeping Queens.

Hope everyone had fun outside today–I’ve got to go ready for my date with the auctioneer.

Update: okay, I had technical difficulties while trying to finish this, make the girls dinner, and get dresses, so I’m finally posting now. We had a fun night and spent slightly too much money. Usually we bid on a million things and then everyone outbids us and we’re left with, like, a dry cleaning gift certificate. Tonight our cup runneth over. Plus we got to take home cute centerpieces.

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