Some Supremely Awesome Women Out There

I wrote a review of Saturday’s Laurie Berkner Band concert. It’s over on I was a little scattered that day because we were running straight to the show after ice skating, so I forgot my camera. But there are photos from the concert over on The Angel Forever, in case you’re wondering what a “a surprisingly chic giraffe-print pouffy party dress with pink ruffles” looks like. The review is a love-fest, and not just because we got review tickets and a giveaway: pack I just love her. Oh, and not only that, but Deb tweeted the review @KidsOutAlbany, and Laurie tweeted back. It’s like, she almost talked to me.

And speaking of cool women, I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out that Amy Poehler and friends have a web-based show called “Smart Girls at the Party” with the tagline “change the world by being yourself.” Holy cow I think she’s fabulous. The girls haven’t seen any of the shows, because if I said, “Girls, girls, look, look! Check out this cool show,” then they’d watch it, all skeptical, and possibly roll their eyes. If I look like I happen to be watching it all by myself when they walk by and look over my shoulder, they will be hooked. So, what is this exactly? Tragically manipulative? Not passive-aggressive surely, but passive-awesome? Discuss.

And if you aren’t already overwhelmed by social media, the splendors of the internet, and the fabulosity (yes, I just made that one up) of womanhood, did you hear about the Bloggess and her traveling red dress? If you’re a regular reader, you know that I think that The Bloggess is hilarious, although between the guffaws she’s also shared that she suffers from depression and anxiety. Just about a week ago she posted that she struggles with trying to control a self-harming disorder, and when she did, her readers and fans, in addition to passing along comments and virtual hugs, showed their support by donating to support her traveling red dress. To hear more about that, check out  the original red dress post with lots of follow-up updates, and here’s an article from (which made me laugh at the end, because the writer discloses that she bought a bunch of red dresses after researching the story).

And finally, in honor of future supremely awesome women, if anyone needs to be hooked up with Girl Scout cookies this year, it’s M’s first year selling them. If you’re local or family and want some thin mints at the end of the month, she’s your gal.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out on the photos. Posted a few Sunday and will have more coming, along with videos from TechyDad. I am so glad that I was not the only one that marveled in Laurie dancing, jumping, and running around the stage in those sparkly shoes and giraffe dress. I also Tweeted out and was so impressed that Laurie does her own Twitter account and replied to those at the concert. A truly magical experience from a band that gets parents and kids.

  2. Sara

    So many things to love about this post (I love & follow both Amy Poehler and the Bloggess)… yes, I was also enthralled with Laurie running around & jumping in heels. And looking quite fantastic doing so. My husband & two boys did not share in my amazement over her capabilities. I’m so glad we won the giveaway! Both kids were a bit overwhelmed & stone-faced for the majority of the show; however, when asked if they had a good time, they gushed! Also, during “We Are the Dinosaurs”, my almost 7 year old roared so loud that the woman sitting two rows in front of us almost fell out of her chair.

  3. Beth–No problem. Glad someone got some decent pictures.
    Sara–I’m glad the boys liked the concert! Men and boys just don’t understand the challenge of high heels.

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