Vacation: Day 1

We started our spring break by being Easteriffic today. We finally got to egg decorating just barely in time for the holiday.

It went well, and I credit our great success to timing, because we decorated while fresh and perky,  immediately after breakfast. As a result, events that could cause an outburst of tears in the late afternoon (a miscalculation in the dye mixing, for example, or the dropping of an egg, followed immediately by a second drop of the same egg) were shrugged off. Hooray.

Then, if you can believe this, we spent some quality time with a bunny.

We are visiting our neighbor’s menagerie while they are traveling. Did you know that if you hold a rabbit and he tries to jump free, he can accidentally break his own back? That’s what the neighbors say. That’s horrifying, right? That’s the kind of thing you hear after you’ve already agreed to take care of the animals. Needless to say, no bunny holding is permitted, just in case. We’re confining our affection to cooing, stroking his back, and offering pieces of parsley.

Beyond that, we ignored the day’s gorgeousness in favor of the movies. I feel like that one week of serious heat has ruined me for spring. Today was a fabulous day, and it wasn’t cold, exactly. If we’d had a normal winter and spring, I would have been rejoicing. But after having several days in the upper 70s, I’m way too spoiled for this 50s and 60s stuff. I know it’s wrong. I’ve been calling these “window days.” I look out the window and think it’s awesome, and then I go outside and start pouting because I need a jacket.

But no matter the weather, M and I had made a date to see Hunger Games with her friend. Cute W, who worked a half day, took J out to see Mirror, Mirror. Cute W reported that reviews were accurate: the movie is pretty but plot-light. They both agreed that it was funny. M and I both liked Hunger Games, but I had to laugh at those friends of hers who told me it wasn’t so violent. On the way to the movie, M asked me, “Are you on Team Gale or Team Peeta?” and I thought to myself, “Yep, she’s slipped irrevocably into tweendom.” For the record, M’s on Team Gale. I abstained since I know how it ends.

Tomorrow we’re heading to NJ to visit my sister and see other family. Happy Passover and Easter to all!

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