Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Evening Out to the Grocery

Had to go buy some milk. Here are some of my random thoughts:

  • I know that salted caramel is unbearably trendy right now, but I love it so.
  • New product Wippity Wipe tells you that you can forget a spill ever even happened and makes me wonder why I can’t wippity wipe a couple of very counterproductive high school crushes.
  • Why, oh why, is it so difficult to find organic milk in gallon containers? Do they really think that packaging in half-gallon containers will fool us into believing that organic milk is not expensive?
  • If enough people at soccer call her by the nickname she abandoned in kindergarten, will M go back to it? Oh please-oh please-oh please!
  • There is no way that I will ever be a person who, when she stands with her feet together, will have a crack of daylight between her legs. That’s okay. No, really, I’m okay with that.
  • When I find a gallon container of organic milk and gasp at the price, I just have to remind myself that staving off bizarre allergies and possibly puberty in my children is priceless.
  • It’s unbelievably entertaining to notice how random strangers can’t seem to control dancing to New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle piped over the store’s speakers. A man is tossing a tuna can to the beat, the cashier’s entire body twitches.
  • What does it say that two different women that I like very much have said that they feel lonely and friendless in the last three days? Personally, for starters, I should be more proactive about asking people to drink wine or coffee with me. But more generally, I wonder if our school-aged mom cohort has over-scheduled themselves into lonely misery? Wow, that’s a bummer.
  • Am I just a complete idiot for not rescheduling J’s orthodontic appointment? Will she be miserable and saliva-producing on the day of the Revels dress rehearsal? Should I ask her about it, or call their office first, or just go?
  • Hooray, I’ve successfully left the grocery store without running into anyone I know while sporting my eyeglasses and unwashed hair.
  • When you’re driving home trying to decide between Christmas carols to match the lights or something upbeat to match the temperate breeze coming in the open windows and the car radio produces Feliz Navidad, that’s pure magic.

And here’s an unrelated (aka random) photo of my friend’s mantel which is adorably decorated with childhood photographs of herself, her husband, their kids. Good idea, right? You know you want to pin it:




  1. Kelly W

    Trader Joe’s has organic milk by the gallon ($5.99 I think). They also have lots of salted caramel!

  2. @Kelly, interesting! The organic milk by the gallon I found at ShopRite was $5.99, too, so thanks for the price check. And I love salted caramel.

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