The Family Updates

Hooray for snow! Don’t forget that my Embrace Winter page has links to snowing hills, a snow ice cream recipe, places to tube and ski, and more.

How was everybody’s Christmas? J was a bit melancholy on Christmas morning. I think that this is our last year of belief, and I fear that she was making secret, grandiose requests to Santa in hopes that he’d come through and shore up her buckling faith. Considering that the fondest wish that she voiced aloud was that she’d wake up in the morning to a room that was entirely repainted, with a new rug and new bedding, a bit of disappointment was basically inevitable. She acted as happy and gracious as she could, but it was clear that I hadn’t exactly come up with a lovely little Cape Cod house, Miracle-on-34th-Street-style. So that was bittersweet.

M, meanwhile, had all of her (more attainable) soccer-jock wishes granted, including these shoes:

slidesShe was sort of ridiculously thrilled with them, especially considering that they are remarkably similar to a pair that she already owns. She also got a soccer backpack that she’d been pining over for quite a while. Much to my relief. Over the summer she’d requested a special soccer backpack (what makes it soccer-specific is that it’s got a little net to hold a ball and a couple of compartments to put sweaty stuff into it), and I told her that since she has many bags that would work already, she should purchase it herself or ask for it as a gift. And then, of course, one of her friends who just started soccer had a brand-spankin’-new bag because her mother isn’t a Cheap, Evil Hag. Which M didn’t even mention, but every time I saw the friend with the bag, I felt like a CEH. So I’m glad that’s over now.

We are also completing our very first week with J’s palate expanders. My poor little dumpling has such overcrowded teeth that she’s got an expander cemented into the roof of her mouth and a removable expander to wear  overnight in the bottom of her mouth. The plan is that we’ll be gradually expanding for 9 weeks, then she’ll keep wearing it for 3 more months, and then it comes out and we move on to retainerville. It’s actually been pretty smooth. She hasn’t been (knock on wood!) uncomfortable at all, and she’s been about as stoic about no popcorn as an 8-year-old who’s just arrived at the movies can be. I am not entirely sure I’m turning the key just right, but I guess we’ll find out at our next appointment.

I hope that you’re all well and enjoying the winter wonderland.

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