Leprechaun Trap

After rallying for the water park trip (I’ll link to the review when it’s ready), J wasn’t feeling great again. She stayed home yesterday, but this morning she said that she could handle school, and against my better judgement, I let her go because it was Leprechaun Trap Day (you know that I don’t love leprechauns, but J is an enthusiast). In fine J tradition, she’d been laboring over this fun piece of homework. . .


And she was so proud of her finished product.


Plus, tonight was the Learning Fair at school, rescheduled from our snowy day last week.

She only made it to about 12:30 before she gave up and reported to the nurse’s office. So now she’s home instead of attending the Learning Fair, and her fellow goddess wrote and designed loving tributes to J and their other friend A, who could not attend, in the form of framed photographs and some touching words. It was really sweet and looked slightly like a memorial shrine, especially when her friend draped the presenters’ tags over the appropriate framed photos.


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