Epiphany-free zone.

Phew. I typed this in yesterday, but then I was having technical difficulties. Once it was established that we’d be repainting the girls’ rooms, removing the old paint on the molding around the windows and doors was obvious. We live in an old house, and it’s apparent–well, almost everywhere, but perhaps most apparent–along the windowsills … [Read more…]

Painting the Girls’ Rooms

J’s room has evolved since the last time you saw it. It’s always been very pink, and over the past year, she’s hated the pink. She was sort of hoping that Santa Claus would repaint all of her walls, switch out her flowered pink rug, and change all of her bed linens into something sophisticated … [Read more…]

A Huge List of Links for YOU

I have a ton of links lined up for you. A more conscientious blogger might split these into a couple of posts, but I just can’t restrain myself. WAMC had an interview with Kristine Barnett about “The Spark,” her book about raising her genius autistic son and focusing on children’s individual strengths instead of trying … [Read more…]

Making Cheesy Eggs

Deep into the summer schedule, I was just rousing myself as Cute W hustled upstairs to take a shower for work. “J wants cheesy eggs,” he told me. Apparently, the spinach-enriched eggs were only a passing fancy. She’s back to plain ol’ cheese and eggs, and she’s back to asking Daddy for them. That’s because … [Read more…]