Halloween Captions

It’s almost Halloween again, which means another milestone to document for the History of Our Family. I love-love-love First Day of School photos. My children are dressed carefully, they’re alert and eager to please, they’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. They’re not willing to admit it publicly, perhaps, but each year they’re proud of their new status, … [Read more…]

Catching Up to Halloween

I can’t quite believe that Halloween is only days away. We’ve been both unduly casual and taken by surprise by the holiday this year. Usually, J is begging me to put out Halloween decorations in September, and I insist that we wait until after her birthday (October 1st). This time another week or so passed … [Read more…]

Halloween Preparations

Hey look! I found that picture that I couldn’t find when I was ranting about Halloween costumes before. This is exciting because I can now document the homemade raffia-and-twig broom, but it’s also a little disappointing because she’s clearly wearing the sort of cheap fabric that shows that the broom is the only homemade aspect … [Read more…]

Ghouls in Jail

Cute W and the girls carved pumpkins over the weekend (my only contribution was a couple of eyebrows and a scar on one jack-o-lantern), and the girls took inspiration from Fairy Houses. . . Unbelievable! by Barry & Tracy Kane. In the book, they’d used several pumpkins to create an entire town for (presumably pumpkin-dwelling) … [Read more…]

Halloween Costumes 1: Fake It ‘Til You Make It. Or Possibly, Just Keep Faking.

It’s costume time again, which means another opportunity for parents everywhere to question their worthiness as parents, consumers, and human beings. Or is this just me? I started out planning one costume post, and I realized that I actually have two distinct costume issues. The first is about the treasured tradition of making Halloween costumes. … [Read more…]

Halloween Books, Activities, and Fun

Halloween’s sneaking up on us. It’s spooky like that. If you’re looking for Halloween activities, KidsOutAndAbout.com has two lists of events, divided into “Fun” and “Scary.” Geek Mom had a list of fun Halloween books that I thought you might like. I was actually unfamiliar with most of these, except for The Little Old Lady … [Read more…]

Fun in the Capital District This Week

Happy Halloween, everybody! We ended up skipping out on an after school Halloween party because the girls were freakishly tired. Instead, they stayed home and practiced piano/cello and then vegged out in front of the tv. By early evening the prospect of candy re-invigorated them. Just as we were going out, M asked for eye … [Read more…]

Halloween Treats: Pumpkin Cheeseball

I think that this concludes the festive string of posts celebrating J’s birthday. This yummy pumpkin cheeseball could work for a grown-up party, too. We got the idea for it from the Southern Living Kids Cookbook, but J wanted to go with our much-loved family recipe for cheeseball. And then I decided that if there … [Read more…]