Slidin’ into the Weekend

As you know, I had an off day yesterday.   Really, I generally put together my weekend list, and then I feel pretty good, because as I hear about events from various sources, I can put them into two categories:  1) not family friendly or cheap or fun enough to be considered “fun” by me, or … [Read more…]

Big Girls

First:  the bug update.  I’m pretty sure that it was black flies and mosquitoes all along.  Yesterday J and her BFF went into the woods and when they emerged, BFF was covered with bites and J had a few bites on the bottoms of her feet and one along her hairline behind her ear–some of … [Read more…]

Hair Thingy Hunt

I’m feeling pretty grouchy today.  W is out of town.  I’ve had several bad runs in a row.  We need a new roof and we have a stupid Tudor style house which makes it cost, like, expensive times 3.  So I thought that I’d just allow myself to be needy today and ask if anyone’s … [Read more…]

Girl Power Books

This morning I was checking out the various blogs, and the TU’s Parent to Parent Blog had what I consider to be an appalling and depressing video of little girls dancing to Single Ladies. Actually, I just went to check, and they’ve pulled the video.  Imagine 8-ish year-old girls wearing thigh-high boots, shorty-shorts & half … [Read more…]

Just Some Random Links

I’m feeling uninspired, writing-wise, so I’m going to slack off by sharing some links. First, because OK Go is headlining at Tulip Fest, I remembered their super-cool Rube Goldberg-inspired video.  Didja ever see it? And in preparation for Mother’s Day I was looking for my Favorite Anna Quindlen Essay Ever.  And while I was looking, … [Read more…]