Happy Summer, everyone! Did you know that this Saturday is the Great American Backyard Campout? I actually wrote an article encouraging people to try a little backyard camping, and you can read it at Kids Out and About here. Meanwhile, if you want to venture beyond your backyard, here are a few suggested campgrounds that … [Read more…]

More Summer Fun, Baby!

We’re gearing up for M’s birthday tomorrow. We used to always store wrapped presents on top of this huge cabinet that housed our tv, but since we upgraded the tv, the cabinet’s gone. Today I realized that I could store presents on top of our built-in china cabinet. I wrapped and piled them there, where … [Read more…]

More Summer Programs

First, the health report. J appears to have shaken her fever, although she’s not at her best. She took a huge nap this afternoon, so she’s currently lying in bed at 10:20 pm wide awake. I think that we’re going to do a modified schedule tomorrow, hopefully sleeping in, heading to school late, taking a … [Read more…]

Free Concerts this Summer

I’ve been looking into free events this summer. There’s all sorts of stuff available, but there are tons of concerts. I think I’m going to compile them into a page that you can click onto on the right. For those of you who are new to the blog, I’ll plan on adding these concerts into … [Read more…]

Soccer Camp Giveaway

We overindulged at our charitable auctions and ended up with a week of soccer camp scheduled for the same week as our Lake Placid trip. So I’m giving it away! It’s SOCCERTECH. According to the director, “This is our 12th year running the camp. All staff members are certified teachers employed in N. Colonie, S. … [Read more…]

Gearing Up for Summer

I spent the day avoiding the rain and ignoring the basement. Instead, I went into Summer Planning Mode. We’re going to have some serious fun this summer. We’re starting off right with another week in Lake Placid! We are so excited. There was a bit of drama involved. First we thought that we wouldn’t be … [Read more…]

Summer Camps, the 2011 List

Update: If you’re checking this list after 2011, you should check out the Summer Camp list. You can do a search by topic or by week to find a summer camp! Time to get ready for camps again, and there are tons of them.  This year, I’m not searching like a crazy person. I’m … [Read more…]

Hoffman’s Playland

Someone helpfully shared on the Facebook page that it’s Heroes Week at The Great Escape in Lake George.  That means that, through Sunday, “all military personnel, teachers, police officers, fire department, nurses and EMS personnel will receive free admission to The Great Escape when they how occupational identification at our main gate”.   Plus, the folks … [Read more…]