Hikes for Families

Our last day of vacation before the long drive back.  The girls are “helping” Pop make pasta and listening to the adults sputter through their explanations of why all of us are rooting against Tiger at the Masters today.  Remind me to hide my Vanity Fair.  We are all pretty tuckered out–we were out late last watching perhaps the most wholesome theater production ever, and then we went swimming this morning.  I should be packing, but I am procrastinating by posting (thanks for being there and helping me to avoid the piles of clothes lying hither, thither, and yon).

Anyway, I was very excited when Tracey, who helps organize hikes for kids in the area, sent me their list of Thursday morning hikes for spring.  I’ll be letting you know about them with each week’s “upcoming week” post, but it was such good information that I thought that it was worth starting up a new page.  It’s over there, on the right, called Capital District Family-Friendly Hikes.

And don’t worry:  through the miracle of auto-post, I’ll still have a listing of weekend events for you tomorrow.

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