Summer Fun Toys

I thought that I’d tell you about two outdoor toys we’ve been enjoying lately.

M wanted the Max Liquidators as part of her birthday celebration.  I was skeptical, because they act like a syringe, drawing plenty of water and spraying it out quickly.  These seem like a perfect backyard pool toy, but we don’t have a pool.  I feared excessive lameness.  M felt so confident in the fun factor that she successfully lobbied to have each child get one ($5 each at Target or Wal-Mart) instead of a goody bag.  I do like the idea of one big possibly crappy toy instead of several tiny and absolutely crappy toys and a crappy candy in a bag.  I filled a kiddie pool so that there’d be a constant source of water.

Max Liquidators and a Flying Disk

Well, they were a rousing success.  Everyone at the party enjoyed them. In fact, we ended up having a spontaneous family water fight on Father’s Day as well.  This time the girls were refueling their ammo at a large bucket.  W pointed out that, in a way, it’s nice that the kids have to refuel constantly, because it keeps them contained around the water source.  Unlike many water guns that will last a while and end up getting carried into the house no matter how many times you’ve told them that it can’t go into the house.  Also:  it’s not a gun.  So if you’re resisting guns in your house, this can be a good compromise.  Sure, sure–it’s a weapon.  But it doesn’t look gun-like at all.  Oh, and  at first we thought that the Target ones were much easier to operate, but then we realized that the Wal-Mart ones had a little plastic sticky tab over the hole that had to be removed.  Of course I only figured this out as I was returning the “defective” Wal-Mart ones.  Not my most clever moment ever.  But in my defense, no one else in the household figured it out, either.

The Flying Disk was a gift that’s sort of like a Nerf version of a frisbee–softer and gentler in case it smacks you in the head.  It’s also so light that it’s a bit floaty, which makes it slow-moving and easier both to throw and catch.  They were both more successful with this than they’ve been with frisbees in the past.

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