A Little Help Here?

I’ve been preoccupied with daily life, and I haven’t spent a great deal of time planning this summer. But starting on Friday, I will be spending a week at a rustic camp near Lake Placid. Without an internet connection.

I know: it’s Wednesday!  Why didn’t I think about this?!?  My current plan is to do my best to provide the regular event listings on Thursday and Sunday, and maybe, maybe, I’ll come up with some other stuff that I can auto-post. Of course, I also have to do laundry and pack and plan a bit.

So I thought that perhaps some of you might be willing to help me out.  Please?  It wouldn’t be too tough, I promise. Send me an email (capitaldistrictfun@yahoo.com) by Friday at 7 am with a paragraph or two about the best/most fun local business/park/non-profit/activity you and the family have experienced this summer.   Tell me (us) why it was great, and include (please) a website or location & phone number.  If you are super-awesome, you could send a photograph that you’re willing to share with the world.

If I get one (or more) of these, I’ll put them on auto-post and you won’t have to miss me a bit.  And if I don’t get any contributions, well, you can always use that time to look at sh&* my kids ruined or something else, right?

Thanks in advance. . . you know, maybe.

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  1. katie – apparently someone is opening a kids consignment store on Baker and Union streets this saturday. I’m trying to get more info… if I can, and I get a writeup done, I’ll send it to you for cross-posting if you want. Maggie

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