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Cute W had two soccer practices today.  I might be biased, but I think that he’s an excellent coach.  Actually, I am biased.  In fact, the other night, we were eating dinner, and M said, “Mommy’s got [words distorted by excessive giggling]”.  What?  We asked.  Except J:  she seemed to understand already.  Maybe they’d discussed this topic before.  After several false starts and more giggling, W and I were able to understand the original statement:  “Mommy’s got a crush on the dreamy soccer coach.”  By this time we’re all laughing, and I said,  “You’re right.  I absolutely do.”  And somehow I was blushing, as if I were being teased in the fifth grade.  And W was giving me a cutey-patootie smile, like we’re in the Schmoopie Seinfeld episode.

But seriously, I think that even the parents with no romantic interest have got to acknowledge that they’re getting their money’s worth out of this season’s volunteer coach.

M in hot pursuit. Serious stuff.

Since we bought the shin guards and cleats a week and a half ago, W and the girls have been playing soccer most nights after school, and he’s been gradually acquiring more paraphernalia:  soccer balls, goals, cones, and, most recently,  a whistle.  Which reminds me that I should warn you:  he bought Adidas Jabulani World Cup-style soccer balls, and he’s found that their surface is sticky.  Seriously:  the kids fall down more when they play with them.  So you might want to avoid them.  He saw them at Sport’s Authority and Dick’s.

They’ve been playing all sorts of games and having so much fun that I thought  I’d share a couple with you.  My daughters’ favorite is what he calls Shark Attack.  He makes fake “islands” with cones, and he’s the shark “swimming” between the islands.  When he yells, “Shark Attack!”, they have to kick their balls from one island to another, while he tries to steal the ball.  In another game, he stays in a crab stance and tries to swipe balls from kids as they race past him.

My Dreamy Soccer Crab

He’s been looking around for information about coaching soccer, and so far his favorite sites are: Footy 4 Kids (this links to drills for the very young), Soccer for Parents (this seemed the most accessible for a relative neophyte like me), and Soccerxpert (coaching tips with ratings by users).

They’re having such a wonderful time and bonding like crazy:  I just hope that the girls stay enthusiastic through the season.  The first game’s next week.

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