More Stuff Going On, and an Apology

Today I was chatting with friends at a playground when one of them told me that she gets mad when I don’t post every day.  Really?

I do try to post every day, but the late August-early September transition is one of my least favorite times of the year.   The girls and I are discombobulated without a schedule.  So, I’ll admit that I’ve been a Slacky McSlackster.  But, I’m comin’ back!  Really, I am.  You know:  soon.  J had her first “real” day of kindergarten today.  Hours before it was time to go out to wait for the bus she set the ground rules:  “Mommy?  You have to kiss me inside.”  As in, no kissing or overt displays of affection allowed by my five-year-old.  Well, in fairness, she’s almost six–that’s right, I’m a redshirting Mommy, as I just explained on the CBS 6 blog.  At the last minute she gave me a quick thigh-hug.  I smiled and waved her onto the bus, then immediately burst into tears.  Luckily, I’d worn sunglasses just in case.

J waiting for the bus

Anyway, hopefully we’ll get into a better routine and I’ll start shaping up again–I’ve definitely been letting things slide a bit.  For now, I’ve got all sorts of loose ends that I’m throwing into a single post.

I’ve read a couple of articles in The Daily Gazette recently that I would like to share with you except that they will only let you read the dang paper if you subscribe.  And, of course, even though I get the paper edition and pay the token amount to have digital access, too, I always forget my password.  So, yes, I’m a little bitter.  Still, there was some good information, so I’ll attempt to transcend my bitterness to share it with you. One article was about Sunnyside Gardens in Saratoga.  The article was specifically about their Children’s Garden, although it looks like this is really designed for spring and summer visits.  Still, I like that they’re trying to attract the kids, and they’ve gone all pumpkin and hayride now, so that sounds like fun, too.  Then, on Wednesday, there was an article about a Drum Circle that takes place on Wednesdays from 7-9 pm at Jay Street.  Also just the sort of fun, community building thing I love.  We  might have to bring our little music-lover J to give it a try.  Huh, I wonder if a kindergartener who can’t quite keep a beat would cramp their style?  I guess we’ll find out.

I also just received emails from the Albany Art Room about a whole bunch of adult classes that they’re having.  Meanwhile, Kidzart finally sent out their fall art class schedule, with classes beginning the week of September 27th.  I know that a friend didn’t enjoy the Kidzart camp, but my girls loved their class last year, and M’s requested it again, so we might be doing that.

Enjoy the busy weekend, everybody!


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