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I was with J at bedtime, and I asked her if she was ready to turn off the light, and she said, “No, I need more time for kissing and rejoicing you!”  Very adorable.  And then, moments later, she told me that she was very sad about something, and after a few minutes I understand that she’s recounting the time that her big sister got taken along with the cousins on a souvenir shopping trip in North Carolina and J was left behind.  I was as sympathetic as I could manage, but jeepers, it’s been more than two months!  Can you please just move on and go to sleep already?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m so glad that we’re getting down to a routine.  Which reminds me, has anyone done the Music Fundamentals class at the Music Studio?  I know that my nursery school teacher was a big Music Studio enthusiast, but we were not completely wowed by the open house, so I’d love any input.  J wants to learn to play the piano, the guitar, and the tambourine–all of which she could do in the class.  But, expensive, too.  There’s one class for kindergarteners on Thursday mornings at 9:30 am, but I’m not sure if there will be enough kids for it to run. . . any afternoon-k Nisky or Guilderland kids interested?  I’m wavering on this one.

Anyway, here’s what’s happening this week:

Monday, September 13th:

Tuesday, September 14th:

  • From 10 am to noon, Sling Babies is holding their monthly meeting at Rosemont Park, on Rosemont Street between Western & Washington Avenues in Albany.
  • Take a Mud Pond Hike at Moreau Lake State Park at 10 am.
  • There’s Pajamarama for the 6-and-under set at Bethlehem Public Library at 7 pm.

Wednesday, September 15th:

  • At 11 am and again at 3 pm, the Children’s Museum at Saratoga is doing their Cooking Around the World program.  Today’s theme is Caribbean, and it’s $8/non-member, recommended for 3 years and older, and you must pre-register.
  • Teens are invited to decorate a t-shirt at 4 pm at the Howe Branch Library.
  • At 4 pm at the Schenectady Public Library, elementary-school-aged children can participate in Fabulous Fall crafts and activities.

Thursday, September 16th:

  • Take a Hawk Walk at 9 am at Thacher.
  • At 9:45 am, join other local families on a hike at Hollyhock Hollow Sanctuary in Feura Bush.  There’s more information about this and other local hikes on the hikes page.
  • At 10 am, take a Hudson Point Hike at Moreau Lake.
  • At 10:30 am, there’s  Little Wonders of Science for 3- to 5-year-olds  at the Schenectady Museum.  It’s free, but call to pre-register.
  • At 3:30 pm, it’s the first in a series called La Mezcla Hispana which will explore Spanish language and culture for students in grades 3 to 7 at the Delaware Branch Library–huh.  I received information about this via email, but it doesn’t appear on the calendar.  If you’re interested, give them a call to check out if this is still happening, I suppose.
  • From 3:30-5 pm, students in grades 1 through 5 can come with an adult on an After School Adventure at the Albany Pine Bush.  It’s $2/person, and pre-registration is required.
  • At 4 pm at East Greenbush Library, there’s a meeting of the Teen Advisory Group for 6th- to 12th-graders.  Participants help plan events and suggest materials.
  • At 7 pm, it’s the Children’s Circle Storytime at Bethlehem Public Library, designed with kids who have special needs in mind.

Friday, September 17th:


  1. amy

    what about carondelet music center in latham (not far from intersection of 9/155)? we have been going there for kindermusik classes for a number of years, but i know that they also offer private instruction in piano and possibly other instruments. they don’t advertise well or at all. i only found them via word of mouth.

  2. Amy–thanks for the info. When I read it, the name sounded vaguely familiar, but I didn’t even have it listed on the Big Ol’ List of Links, so I was able to add it there.

    Argh, both places are a bit of a hike for me, and Carondelet, alas, doesn’t do the morning time for her age group either. I’m pondering calling just basic piano teachers. . . or maybe I’ll wait since she’s so young. . . .

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